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How To Setup A Media Server For Your Home

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    If you are someone that records TV off of Antenna or Cable or maybe you are someone that takes a lot of video on your phone and you need a central place to store it so all of your devices can access the content and offload for storage then you should consider setting up a media server in your home.

    In our home we have the ability to access our NAS server from each of …

    How To Buy A Computer Monitor

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      There are many as many decisions as options when buying a monitor for your computer today but the decision comes down to one situation are you buying a monitor because you need one or are you upgrading what you have to something better. I say this because many of your decisions will be made based on the hardware you have and the upgrades or new purchases you plan. If you are outfitting the family …

      How To Find The Cheapest Or Free Phone Plan For Your Cellphone Or Home

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        Today many people are giving up on home phones and going straight with a cellphone provider as their primary phone. This is great for some people especially if you are single but if you need a phone where the family can be reached or if you want to have a plan for your home so you can save money on your cellphone costs then there are a variety of options out there. If you want …

        How To Use Your Television As A Computer Monitor

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          There are many reasons that people look into using their Television as a computer monitor. The first is that they may want to play videos or streaming content on a second monitor and space considerations of having both a television and a monitor come into play. The second is wanting to perform some work at home or have a second device for other family members. Whatever your reason for using your television as a computer …

          How To Replace Your Landline Phone With VOIP And Backup Cell Service

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            Many people have or are moving to a wireless phone system in their life. There are many benefits to this but one of the more important ones is that you take your number with you when you go out so you never miss a call to your home phone. Unfortunately with mobility there are other problems such as cell tower coverage and cost.

            Since a lot of people are asking about this subject it seems like …

            How To Understand The Best Use Of Gigabit Routers And Switches For Your Home Network

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              If you are like most people you have a variety of devices in your home that you want to connect to the internet and also connect to each other. There are many different methods for doing this from WiFi to Fiber Optic Devices but it can get a little confusing when you are trying to layout your network in the most efficient way.

              In this How To we will talk about the best practices of laying …

              How To Unlock Your Phone And Change Providers

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                If you are looking at new phone plans you might be thinking about staying with your current provider because your phone was purchased from them when you started your service.

                This is a problem for a number of people because not only might you be missing out on better plans but you might move to a location where service isn’t available from your original provider.

                If you move to an area were cell services is no longer …

                How To Migrate From Apple To Android With All Your Stuff

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                  If you are a power user of your phone then you might find that the product you purchased first is the one you stick with because you have so much invested in it. Many people and even businesses will do this. You have apple products at school or work or maybe another family member has Apple products and because you want to be compatible you don’t look at the other options you have.

                  I am …

                  How To Install a Multi Door Doorbell with Unique Chimes for each Door

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                    If you own a home with a front door that is away from normal traffic and a side door that might be at your garage and used as a primary way for you and visitors to enter your home then you may want to install a doorbell that gives you the option to know which door someone is at.

                    This type of doorbell is called a two tone or multi door chime and you can …

                    How To Reduce Your Cable Internet Bill

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                      If you are in an area that provides internet over your cable tv company’s line then you have probably looked at the costs involved. The first thing you should know is that if you are a large data user the major internet providers are going to limit your data download amount with what is called a Data Cap. Although there are FCC rules that force cable and phone providers to provide open access and …