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How To Select the right Fire and Smoke Detectors for Your Home

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    Every home should have smoke detectors and local home building regulations will suggest the locations and types but the selection can get a bit confusing.

    In this How To we will look at some of your options however the information you read here should not be used on its own to make your final selection. You MUST use other sources of information when making your final choice about which devices are best for your specific application. …

    How To Protect Your Apartment from a Snooping Handyman

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      I recently had a conversation with a friend that was asking what she could do to protect her apartment from a snooping handyman that she believe is entering her home without notice or permission.

      One of the most important things you should understand when renting an apartment is your rights to privacy. Most apartment leases will give the ownership the right to enter your apartment without notice at any time of the day if there …