How To Resurface A Utility Table For Kitchen Food Preparation

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    One of our friends asks about a utility table that they have in their kitchen and what would be the best way to resurface it to make it usable for food preparation in their kitchen. So, We are going to take a look at some of the possibilities that they have and recommend one that is probably the best and the safest way along with being the easiest way to get the job done.

    At …

    How To Gather design ideas for your remodeling project

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      Many of us have a developed design style that we have built up over many years. Whether good or bad it is a part of us that has grown from our childhood home of our parents, our relatives and our friends. We also pick up design choices from television, magazines and homes and buildings that we visit.

      In the end what we believe is right is what makes us feel most …

      How To Preserve A Small Harvest of Tomatoes without Canning

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        A friend got a great deal on some tomatoes from a local farmer about three bushels full for $5 and was wondering what they could to to keep them without going through the hassle of canning them.

        Canning is a great process that lets you store foods in your pantry without refrigeration. Normally for home canners you need to increase the acid level of the food by adding vinegar then cook the food to …

        How To Supply 80 Percent of your Cleaning Products for Almost FREE

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          Everyone is looking for ways to save money today and this is a good practice. Whatever you save you don’t have to earn and that means you can purchase something else that you need or save some money for when we get older.

          Having a background in chemistry having attended a technical school and studied in college I can tell you that most of the chemicals we use as cleaners are just about the same product but …

          How To Stock your pantry to save time and money

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            With the high price of food today it can be difficult thinking about stocking up on food that you aren’t going to be eating for a while but the practice of buying more than you need today and using it tomorrow can really save you time and money.

            One of the first reasons you want to think about starting a pantry is to buy items that have long shelf life that can be used …

            How To – What is the proper Thinset, Mortar or Adhesive for your Tile Install?

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              When installing tile there are a variety of different compounds that can be used to attach it to the substrate. They come in everything from a tube adhesive to mortar beds mixed from sand and portland cement and each has its best application.

              In addition to the material is the way it is applied. Most bonding compounds that are used to apply tile must be used with a notched trawl which will cause voids between the …

              How To – Choosing the Right Underlayment Backer Material for Tile Installs

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                When you are performing a Tile install in your Bathroom or Kitchen it is important to know the correct way to prepare the area for Tile.

                Some surfaces like concrete floors can take tile directly however if you are installing tile in a bathroom or an area that will have water or high traffic then you must take precautions and use the correct wall backing material or floor underlayment to make sure your tile has a …

                How To – The Easy Way to Rehydrate Dried Beans for Soup

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                  One of the best things to have in your pantry is a supply of dried beans. They are a great source of nutrition and provide just as much or more protein as meat but they can be stored for years without the need of refrigeration. There are endless uses in soups but you can also make a number of other great things like tacos or bean salads or even sprout them for Chinese meals or …

                  How To – Food Acidity Level Reference for Canning

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                    There are a variety of foods that are available in stores that most home canners may want to process. Understanding the acidity level of the food you are preparing is very important for longevity in storage and for safety.

                    Normally standard boiling in a water bath for canning requires that you use either a high acid food like lemons or add acid to the food before canning such as pickled cucumbers.

                    This list will give you …

                    How To – Choosing and Installing a Garbage Disposal

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             this HowTo we will remove an old frozen Badger Garbage disposal and replace it with a new 1/2 horsepower stainless steel garbage disposal.

                      When choosing a garbage disposal there are a few considerations that you must follow for good operation.

                      The Physical size of the garbage disposal is important because some homes and apartments do not have room for larger models that may have extra features. Always take measurements of height and width of the grinder …