Buying Guide – Wall Ovens Choosing The Right Options For Your Kitchen

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    There are many different types of ovens including standard gas and electric models and specialty ovens that act like commercial ovens in your kitchen.

    Here we will look at some of the different types and features that you can choose from when buying a new oven.
    Power Sources
    Depending on the availability you can choose between Gas or Electric for a Wall Oven. Gas can come in propane or natural gas and a easy adjustment will make …

    How To – Long Term Storage Of Food Pantry Essentials

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      Keeping a stockpile of food items is essential for many reasons including storms and natural disasters or just to limit your need to travel in adverse conditions such as heavy snows of winter.

      Most food products are packaged to allow six to eighteen months of storage in normal conditions. However once you open and begin using a product its shelf life is normally only a few weeks. This is true for open products that we leave …

      How To – Consumers Guide Working With Contractors And Understanding Project Timelines

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        Contract completion times are one of the most common complaints by consumers however by asking a few questions up front most of the headaches can be eliminated.

        Like no other business Remodeling and Building Contractors are always blamed for longer then expected completion times, delays in service while the work is being completed and delays before work begins. In some cases the blame is justified however in many cases it is just miscommunication of all of the …

        How To – Dried Beans As A Long Term Storage Food Source

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          Long Term Food Storage is important for many reasons including emergency food sources and even for saving money but how long can dried beans really be saved?

          Adzuki, Black, Black-eyed, Black Turtle, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Lentils, Lima, Mung, Navy, Pink, Pinto, Small Red, Soy, and Split-pea can all be dried and stored.

          A recent study has shown that Dried Beans can be stored for 30 years. This was the length of the study and it …

          How To – Getting Rid Of Bad Smells In Your Kitchen Sink

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            There are a few different reasons that your kitchen sink could be giving off a bad smell but lucky for us it is a pretty easy thing to cure.

            The first thing you have to determine is where the smell is coming from. Is it actually coming from the drain in your sink or is it coming from under the sink. Place a stopper in the sink and fill it with a few inches of …

            How To – Can I Clean My Drain With Baking Soda And Vinegar?

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              If you ask half a dozen people how to clean out a clogged or smelly drain more then half seem to come up with the idea that baking soda and vinegar is the best way to get it clean. So what is the truth about this old wives tale will this solution clean your drain or are you just dumping money down the drain and hoping it will help..

              The first thing to look at …

              How To – Using Bleach As A Household Disinfectant

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                The next time that you are at the store and are looking for a bottle of disinfectant to clean bathroom, kitchen and other surfaces in your home you should take a closer look at what is really in the ingredients.

                Surprisingly you are likely to find that along with some possible soaps and fragrances the main active ingredient in most disinfectants is Bleach or chemically known as Sodium Hypochlorite.

                You will also find a listing showing …

                How To – Cleaning Clogged Drains And Pipes

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                  Tools & Hardware : Drain Sweep Drain SnakeEvery home will eventually have a clogged drain there is really not much you can do to prevent it so it is important that you prepare for the situation, not panic when it happens and have the tools you need to get things working again.

                  Although in some cases you may need to call in a professional if a pipe needs to be replaced or a line needs to …

                  How To – Choosing A Kitchen Water Filter

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                    Water filters have made their way into many homes today. Many of us have grown accustomed to bottled water for drinking while out of home and want that same fresh flavor for drinking and also for cooking.

                    So what are some of the features that you should look for when purchasing a cost effective water filtration system for your home?

                    The most important thing you need to look at is quality vs price. In this HowTo …

                    How To – Home Safety Detecting Natural Gas Leaks

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                      Natural and other combustible gasses in your home are often a necessity but using them safely requires both knowledge and care.

                      Natural Gas is delivered to our homes through underground pipelines that run across our country and branch feeders that traverse many of our local streets. Propane gas is delivered to our homes by trucks and stored in large steel containers.

                      Both of these energy sources are very close in their makeup so close that manufacturers …