How To – Steps for Hiring the right Appliance Repair Technician

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    All of us will be in this situation… an appliance in our home breaks and we need it fixed as soon as possible.  If we are able to buy the part and install it ourselves we wouldn’t need to hire someone to do the work for us and we would save about half the cost just due to labor fees but when we can’t do the work or when it is just a better …

    How To – Understanding Long Term Food Storage Methods and Products

    Be Sociable, Share! are many reasons to store food for later use. Many gardeners will save food by canning and for products that need to be refrigerated a good stand alone freezer will extend the shelf life of many regular foods.

      The most important thing to remember when storing food is that you want to keep it air tight and when necessary adding a preservative is a good idea. Even if you are doing your own canning you probably …

      How To – Transitioning Metal or PVC to Cast Iron Waste Pipe

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        There are times when you are fixing or upgrading pipe in your home for a new kitchen or bathroom and you will need to install new PVC waste line then attach it to your existing Cast Iron waste stack or waste line.

        Unfortunately this is not an easy job because cast iron is a relatively difficult pipe to work with. Cutting cast iron pipe usually means using a reciprocating saw or a special tool and …

        How To – Extending the life of Store bought Produce Vegetables

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          Everything is going up in price and it will be a trend that never reverses… unfortunately when you can’t rely on your garden for fresh vegetables you will have to buy what you can and look for the best deals.

          Most stores will have rotating sales for their produce offerings.. I have found a few local stores that will put bananas on sale one day a week just to get customers shopping. This is a …

          How To – Cleaning your Barbeque and BBQ Grates the Easy Way

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            For many of us the reason we don’t cook out as much as we would like is the time involved in cleanup. Gas fired Barbeques have reduced some of the work associated with cleaning of ash that is left behind but the overall task of maintaining your bbq is still a chore.

            If your barbeque isn’t clean then your food isn’t going to taste as good.

            Depending on how often you use your outdoor grill you …

            How To – Why is my Dishwasher making my Dishes and Glasses Cloudy?

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              Cloudy glassware and dull dishes has been a problem forever but no matter how hard you scrub you always seem to be polishing your glasses before you place them out on your table.

              There are a few factors that can ruin a load of dishes but honestly it shouldn’t be that difficult to get good results.

              Proper temperatures and racking of your items should be followed to allow quick draining and full cleaning.

              Soaps that are specifically …

              How To – Quick Guide Can Pet and Human Hair Clog your Septic System?

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                Many people that buy homes that have septic systems have never been taught about the problems that can arise from disposing improper materials though their waste water system.

                This is unfortunate and can lead to early servicing or replacement but more often then not the home owner never knew that what they were doing is wrong.

                The first thing you should do when you purchase a home that is on a septic system if you have …

                How To – Preventing Sewer Clogging Problems Knowing What Not To Dispose

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                  Prevention of problems is always less costly then maintenance or repairs. Often the difference in how you do things to reduce problems is pretty apparent but sometimes we don’t take care and over time the stuff you flush or put down your sink will result in hours or days without use of your plumbing system not to mention the mess in fixing it yourself or the cost in having someone else do it for …

                  Buying Guide – Wall Ovens Choosing The Right Options For Your Kitchen

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                    There are many different types of ovens including standard gas and electric models and specialty ovens that act like commercial ovens in your kitchen.

                    Here we will look at some of the different types and features that you can choose from when buying a new oven.
                    Power Sources
                    Depending on the availability you can choose between Gas or Electric for a Wall Oven. Gas can come in propane or natural gas and a easy adjustment will make …

                    How To – Long Term Storage Of Food Pantry Essentials

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                      Keeping a stockpile of food items is essential for many reasons including storms and natural disasters or just to limit your need to travel in adverse conditions such as heavy snows of winter.

                      Most food products are packaged to allow six to eighteen months of storage in normal conditions. However once you open and begin using a product its shelf life is normally only a few weeks. This is true for open products that we leave …