Installing Suspended Drop Ceilings

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    Installing Drop Ceilings in your BasementInstalling a drop ceiling is an easy thing to do and with a few hand tools you can turn your basement into a livable space.

    Most people may choose a drop ceiling over a conventional drywall ceiling because it adds some decoration while also hiding the joists of the floor above but there are a few reasons that …

    How To – Dealing With Damaged And Ugly Popcorn Ceilings

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      Popcorn ceilings are a fad that have seen their day unfortunately once they are installed they tend to stay around longer then basements full of 1960’s wood paneling.

      There are two reasons designers or home owners install popcorn ceilings.

      The first is to reduce repair major problems.

      If a home owner or remodeler is confronted with a ceiling that has a heavy damage then they have the choice of replacing the drywall,  making spot repairs which will …