How To – Tips that make Shopping for Carpet Much Easier and Cheaper

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    Most home owners will eventually end up shopping for carpet but unfortunately the process can leave many consumers feel that they are getting less then what they are paying for and not liking the support they get from their sales representatives.

    The best way to shop for carpet is to give yourself enough time to understand the product and services required to complete your order.

    You will need to buy and install the carpet but you …

    How To – Is A Sub-Floor Necessary To Install Carpet In Your Basement?

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      Many people finish their basements to add a playroom for the kids a recreation room for the family or even another bedroom for family and guests.

      When converting your basement to a finished living space there are many considerations including whether to put insulation in the walls,  whether to drywall or add a drop ceiling and what type of flooring will make that drab underground area feel comfortable to live in.

      If your home has a …

      How To – Installing Carpet And Understanding Products

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        Carpet is a large investment for any home owner and the product you pick will have a lot to say about what  decisions you can make for other furnishings in your home.

        Other then the choice of wall paint or coverings the type and color of your carpet will will have the biggest influence on how your home looks from the inside. Other factors such as the ability of the carpet to absorb noise will give …

        Carpet Care

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          Good Carpet can be one of the larger investments in your home with proper care it can last you 10 years or more however it only takes a couple accidents to ruin it past repair.

          The first thing you need to realize is that no matter what the warranty or special protection all carpet can and will get stained. Small amounts of dirt, grass and asphalt tar will remain on …

          How To – Preparing for New Carpet

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            Installing new carpet in your home is often a task that is left to professionals but sometimes you can improve the experience and lower your cost by taking some easy steps.

            First you should measure your room and make a floor layout of where you want the carpet. Most companies will charge you a $50 or more measure fee even if they do offer free estimates.  Make sure that any measure or estimate fee is …