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How To Survive Spring Pollen In Your Home

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    Spring Days bring warmth and flowers but they also bring a lot of pollen. If you are sensitive to pollen then you may dread the springtime but unless you are willing to move to the desert you won’t find much relief at least until mid summer.

    Unfortunately we can’t lock ourselves in a computer assembly clean room all of the time so we have to find ways to cope with the problem of pollen.

    The first …

    How to – Prepare raspberry canes for the new season

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      If you love Raspberries and most people do then the earliest part of spring is your last chance to get in a crop of plants before the season begins.  Unfortunately you might have a difficult time finding plants at your local big box store so you are going to have to be creative and reach out to some quality garden centers or possibly try visiting a local farm that sells retail and asking if they …

      How To – Growing Flowers From Seed

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        Every spring trays of flowers appear in front of almost every store and gardeners around the country buy up dozens of six packs to fill the beds around our homes but with a little planing and preparation you can grow a garden of flowers for about 10% of the cost of store bought flower packs.

        The good thing about growing your own flowers is that you have a much wider selection of plants you can …

        How To – Whats a better deal Bulk Mulch or Mulch by the Bag?

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          Every spring we try to clean up our yards by planting new grass, killing weeds and putting mulch in our flower beds and around our trees but the cost of mulch, getting it home and applying it can lead to a soar back and a empty wallet.

          The first thing you should consider when deciding if you need a bulk delivery of mulch or just a few bags is how much you actually need.

          If you …

          How To – Spring is here Time to prepare the Garden for Planting

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            Temperatures overnight are still too cold in most parts of the country for planting but it is getting time to get outside and do some work after a long winter.

            Personally it seems that this winter has been longer then those in the past with cooler weather and some unexpected snows late into March but unfortunately the weather people are saying we can’t expect a cooler summer that would mean more rain. They are predicting …

            How To – Garden Seed and Understanding Seed Quality

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              Many plants in our flower and vegetable gardens can be grown from seed. Although you may choose to purchase packs of plants at your local garden center to add flowers or early start vegetables like tomatoes it is often easier and less costly to grow a variety of plants directly from seed.

              If you are planting a larger garden or supporting a small farm you can purchase your plants just like a home gardener would …

              How To – Controlling Weeds by Cultivating & Mulching

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                The best way to control weeds in your garden is without chemicals. This is especially true in vegetable gardens where you want to minimize the use of pesticides and rarely if ever use herbicides.

                The use of herbicides can actually cause serious harm to your soil and you could ingest it but if you are wondering why your tomatoes are not growing and you use roundup anywhere near your beds that could be the problem …

                How To – Selecting the best Starter Plants for transplanting in your Garden

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                  Starting all of your plants from seed may be nice if you have a heated green house and can follow all of the steps to get good starter plants but for most of us there are at least some plants that take too long to get going in the spring. This is why starter plants are great for all gardeners.

                  Professional farms located in the south west or maybe locally to you can provide you …

                  How To – Forcing Bulbs Indoors for Fresh Flowers Anytime

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                    Growing flower bulbs indoors is called forcing and it is an easy way to get beautiful flowers at almost any time of year.

                    Many different bulbs will work but your local garden center can help you pick a selection that will work best indoors and in the winter months. Many people will pick an easy variety like Paper Whites but be careful they have a very pungent aroma.

                    You can begin by placing your bulbs in …

                    How To – Starting your Garden indoors from Seeds

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                      Starting your garden from seeds is an easy and inexpensive way to get a garden full of vegetables and flowers for not too much work.

                      Vegetable and flower seeds are inexpensive and you can get packets in late winter and early spring at local stores or online.

                      Starting your garden inside will give you a jump on spring but what do you need to start your garden indoors?

                      First you should start by planting those vegetables and …