Plants & Flowers

Understanding Perennials, Annuals and Biennials

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    When planning your garden you can choose from a variety of different plants, bushes and trees.

    There are 3 basic types to choose from

    Perennials – Plants that survive for many years.

    Bushes and trees are examples of Woody Perennials.
    These plants will last for many years. Some like evergreens Pines or Holly bushes will keep their leaf structure year long. Others that are deciduous like Oak Trees will drop their leafs …

    Rose Pruning

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      Proper pruning of plants is something that all gardeners should learn.

      For many plants like roses pruning is necessary to improve the growth and flowering of the plant.

      Prune your roses in late winter – early spring to promote the next seasons growth.

      Summer pruning should be done to remove diseased or damaged stems or for harvesting flowers.

      You should also deadhead the flower buds once they have died.

      Always make clean sharp cuts …