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Forclosure Data For July 2011 Things Are Looking Bad

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    July 2011 Foreclosures skyrocketThis is a listing of the ten states with the highest foreclosure rates for July.

    As you can see Nevada tops the list with One out of every 115 homes currently under foreclosure.

    The second number is the actual number of homes that were foreclosed on in that state.
    California with the largest population has a lower ratio but the highest number of people effected.

    No matter how you look at these figures when you …

    Housing Market To Drop 20% Causing 2012 Recession

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      Housing market analysts expect a 20% drop in home values in 2012 that will trigger another fall in the economy.
      This new failure will be caused by a mixture of continued foreclosures and a glut of homes that can not be sold.

      Gary Shilling a major forecaster of the original housing market failure says we can expect the 2012 recession “no matter what action the Fed takes.” This is a rather interesting statement on top of criticism of previous …

      How To – Renters Insurance What Is Covered And Cost

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        For most renters it is not a bad idea to purchase insurance to cover your personal items. This is always best when you are renting from a commercial business rather then simply paying a relative to provide you a room in their private home.  However when you apply for renters insurance you should understand that not every incident is covered. You should also decide on the amount of coverage you want and what deductible …

        How To – Creative Home Selling Options For Auctioning Your Home

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          With home sales both new and used falling to an all time low many people are looking for anything that may attract a buyer.  Although short sales where the price of the home is less then the mortgage that is held on it have to be approved by your lender even people or developers that own their property outright are finding it difficult to price their home in the current market.

          This week a developer …

          As The Value Of Your Home Falls Property Taxes Are On The Rise

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            No matter where you live the combination of a crushed home market in addition to a failing economy has meant fewer people are buying homes both new and pre-owned.

            When this happens the value of your home is also likely to suffer but did you also notice that your taxes are going up disproportionally to the actual value of your home?

            A new national study shows that as prices for homes have fallen since 2007 and …

            Smaller Homes See Faster Turn Around For Sellers

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              According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average size of a new single family house was 1,500 square feet in 1970. However the average home built in the past 5 years was sized at more than 2,400 square feet.

              Roughly 35 percent of single-family houses built in 2010 in the U.S. had four or more bedrooms, an increase from the previous year after a four year decline. The share of homes built with …

              High Value Areas See Fewer Foreclosures And More Building In April 2011

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                Although much of the US is still lagging behind a few areas that attract customers with deep pockets are beginning to turn around a bit. In the resort area of Pikes Peak in Colorado new home permits were up about 7% in April from March of this year. This is a 50% increase over 2009 numbers.

                Foreclosure filings were also down by about 21%  from the same time last year. This indicates that at least …

                Mortgage Rate Increases Expected Fed Raises Rates Before January 2012

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                  Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Narayana Kocherlakota said if his underlying inflation predictions hold true, it’s certainly possible that the central bank will have to raise the funds rate by more than a half percentage point by the end of this year.

                  Since most lenders base their loan rates on the Fed Rate this means that borrowers can expect to see increases of at least .5% but most likely more as lenders tend to cover their …

                  Fixed Rate Mortgages Nearing 5% Is It Time To Buy?

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                    Fixed Rate Mortgages are starting to creep up a bit and this may have people thinking about purchasing a new home. Unfortunately for every person in a home that also means selling. Although in all areas of the US the market has not come to a complete halt low interest rates and wariness of banks mean it can be difficult to qualify for a new loan.

                    Fannie Mae says the 30-year fixed mortgage rose to …

                    March 2011 Housing Report 1 In 8 U.S. Homes Are Vacant & Some States Higher

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                      A new housing report for March, 2011 was just released showing that there is a very large number of homes in the US that are vacant. Although there is normally a good number of homes somewhere around 7 to 10 percent that can be vacant for a short period of time and others that remain vacant for extended periods due to blighted neighborhood conditions this new report shows that the largest percentage of homes …