How To – Pullout Sliding Kitchen Shelves For Easy Access & Storage

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    Lets face it one of the most difficult tasks of making dinner is searching through your bottom cabinets for pots or pans that are hidden from view.  You end up crawling on your knees for that pan you can’t find and arranging things so they fit well takes all the fun out of the kitchen.

    Well you have two choices you can order out every night which might sound fun until you get your credit card bill at the end of the month or you can install a few cabinet accessories to make your life a little easier.

    Sliding cabinet shelving comes in many forms to meet the needs of what you are storing. There are basic shelves which are not much more then a drawer pull  attached to a standard cabinet shelf or stainless steel baskets, spice racks, trash bins and just about any feature you can think of.

    Installing Pullout Kitchen Shelves

    Installing the shelves is not really difficult but you will need a few basic tools and skills to get everything level and working properly.

    First you will need to remove the shelves that are already in your cabinet.

    Next you want to measure the opening of the cabinet with the door in position.  Depending on your hinge type you will probably have less working area  then the actual opening of the cabinet frame.

    Looking down into the opening of our cabinet with the counter top removed you can see better how the drawer sliders are installed. Not every slider unit will be designed this way but most will allow you to make adjustments in height

    When necessary for door clearance of offsetting of the slider unit you may need to install some wood blocking on the sides of your cabinet. Millwork trim pieces are a good solution for shiming cabinet parts because the can be found in different material types or basic white wood which can be painted or stained before installing.

    Similar to drawers found in office desks your sliding racks or other storage option sill have a rail that slides into the drawer rail. It should fit completely in the rail and snap into place. To remove the drawer accessory you should need to press the catch or lift the shelve to disconnect it from the slider.  Making sure the drawer will not detach now will reduce problems later when you fill your sliding drawer with heavy pots and pans.

    The whole install should take you about an hour including the time to clean up and get everything back in the cabinet the way you want it.

    The basic tools you should need are a level, screwdriver, drill and a tape measure.

    Once you have one of these things you will be wondering why all of your cabinets don’t have them.  They are not only really great for older people who don’t like kneeling but for everyone.

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