How To – Choosing A Vanity Sink For Your Bathroom

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    Search : Danco 33387 Sierra Vanity Kit with Sink, Countertop, and FaucetReplacing a bathroom vanity or doing a full remodel is something that you tackle once every 10 years or longer. Often it is a project that makes a new home yours but it can also be something you decide to do so you can extend your stay in your current home.

    Every person has their own personal desire of style and when you begin shopping for a nice looking and functional vanity you will probably find there are more choices then you know what to do with.

    For practical reasons the first thing that you should decide is what your price range is. By selecting a price range you can then consider a few more factors that should narrow your final selection considerably.

    Do you need extra storage in your bathroom?

    Will you be in the home more then 5 years.

    Are you replacing the vanity because it is not functioning or are you remodeling to match your design style?

    Will you complete a full remodel of your bathroom or simply replace fixtures and paint?

    Will your design complement the rest of your home or be an oasis?

    Do you need to restrict the size of the vanity because of the room area?

    Will children or teens use the bathroom?

    Does more then one person need to use the sink at the same time?

    Do you have any special needs family members who make use of a wheel chair or may need other specific needs met?

    Making the choice

    Search : Jemma Contemporary Bathroom VanityAll of the previous questions can help you select a functional vanity that meets not only your needs but your style.

    If you need a vanity that fits within a specific space because the area in your bathroom is small then you should limit your selection to only those cabinets that meet your demands. If space is at a real premium you should also consider a pedestal sink and shelving as an option. This will give you additional foot room and should meet your needs.

    If you are not remodeling your whole bathroom then you should make sure that any new vanity will not require floor tile replacement. Many original home builders will only tile around an installed vanity. If you need to replace an existing one you may find you also need to add or repair the tile surrounding the new vanity.  A decorative border of tile can be set rather easily but it does mean more work.

    If you have a special needs family member using a wheel chair  then you will want to consider a vanity that has a center opening or stick with a wall mounted sink. This will allow them to get under the sink. If you have a family member that needs help with balance or standing or bending then find a vanity height that meets their needs. You may want to raise the sink for easier access or position the vanity near a wall so you can add a hold bar.

    Search : Sagehill Designs VQ3621D Glazed White Victorian 36" Vanity Cabinet with Three Drawers and Two DoorsIf you have young children using the sink and if they will sometimes be unattended then you should consider a vanity that you can secure. Many vanities have built in security features but you should select a design that can be retrofitted with a safety lock if you will be storing cleaning products or other potentially dangerous items.

    If you have teens using the space you want a vanity that can be easily cleaned and is structurally sound. An off the shelf model with design appeal is probably your best bet.

    If Design is your first consideration then you may want to look at retrofitting a piece of furniture. This style of vanity was first a custom consideration but because so many people have requested antique furniture designs you can now find standard choices at lower costs. The limitation of this type of vanity is its functionality. Although you may find it useful to have a few drawers at the top of the vanity you often find the interior for larger sections is limited meaning it can be harder to store cleaning products, toilet paper or towels in standard package sizes.

    So which one should you pick?

    Search : LUXExclusive Bathroom Vanity LUX067-HV. 31-3/8'' x 22-3/4'' x 34''The final choice is really something only you can make but you should take into consideration all of the factors and not design your bathroom around just this one item.

    Remember you do not spend your life in your bathroom so function is as important or more important then whether  you may see the model you select in a magazine.

    Look for sturdy and standard hardware that can be replaced if it breaks in a few years. Also consider what other items are available in a matching set from the manufacture (mirrors, shelving, towel rods or other items) this will make designing the rest of your bathroom much easier.

    If the vanity seems difficult to clean or maintain.  If storage is smaller then you would expect… If it seems overpriced for what you need it to do or if you find yourself in design hell then rethink your decision.

    The YouRepair Store sells a full line of Bathroom Vanities and everything to make your remodel a happy experience.

    Remember even on many larger bulky orders Shipping may be available for free when you purchase over $25 so that may help you jump up to a better model or nicer faucet.



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