How To Shoe Storage Options

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    If you are like me you have three pairs of shoes. Your good shoes, the old pair for the garden and a pair of Steel Toe Boots. Storing shoes is not a big deal for me but for many people it is. Not only do many people have a variety of shoes those shoes can be pretty expensive.

    Storing and taking care of your shoes means saving money in the long run. You should also learn some basic restoration and preservation techniques. If you have leather shoes you want to use a conditioner on the leather to keep it soft and you should only wash them with a soap that won’t attack the finish or the materials. You can also bring your shoes in for restoration and some people will go as far as having new soles and or heels installed after many years of wear.

    Your needs may not be like mine or someone who has a hobby collecting shoes but whatever your needs there is a solution.

    The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have a way to store your shoes so they don’t come into contact with other objects. If you throw your shoes in a pile in your closet or under your bed they are likely to end up with damage and scuffs. If they are designer shoes you also want to make sure they are protected from sun and dust.

    Closet Shoe Organizers

    There are two types of shoe organizers that are used in most closets. There is the shoe rack that can be placed on the floor or hung from a closet door and there are shoe shelves or cubbies that provide a box like shape for each pair of shoes.

    Wire racks should be used for lower cost or more durable shoes. They provide an easy method to store about a dozen shoes on the floor of your closet or a few pairs on the back of a closet door. The hanging type does not work on accordion style doors. The cost is normally less than $30 and may come pre-assembled for quick use.


    Under Bed Shoe Organizers

    If you need to store your shoes under your bed you can purchase a shoe organizer that will give you easy access and keep your shoes protected from dust and other damage.

    They are a great idea for storing items including shoes in a small bedroom. They are great for shoes that don’t see everyday use but remember to buy one that has a cover so you can protect your shoes from dust.

    Final Note

    Whichever storage method you require the main idea is to keep your shoes in good condition while they are in storage.

    If you have a large number of shoes you can purchase shoe cubbies that are free standing that will hold a large number of shoes either in a walk in closet or against the wall like a dresser.

    You can also hire a contractor to build a custom organizer in your closet.

    Remember never store your shoes if they are wet or recently used. Let them dry and air out for at least a day and they will be fresh for the next time you need to use them.


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