How To – Finding Wall Studs Behind Drywall

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    Whether you are hanging a picture or installing a light switch there are many times when you need to locate the studs that are in your finished walls.

    Some people will suggest a tap and listen method to find where the stud is located but this is probably not a great idea. Since your wall may be made of paneling, drywall or plaster over lath depending on your untrained ear will leave you with a …

    Installing a Drywall Access Panel

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      Sometimes there is a need to have access to pipes or other things that hide within our homes walls. The easiest way to provide a clean looking solution is to install a plastic access panel.

      They come in a variety of sizes.
      Install with only a few simple tools.
      Can be painted to match your wall.

      In our example we are building a basement wall. Behind the wall is our waste line clean-out.

      To be able to access the pipe at a …