How To – Adding A Chalk Board Wall To Your Childs Room

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    If your children love to draw or maybe if you are a home schooler you might want to add a chalkboard to one of the walls in your home. I would suggest doing this only after you have taught them not to write on the walls because they may end up getting easily confused and think its ok to write on any wall .. but if this is your plan there are a …

    How To Paint Concrete Surfaces in and around your Home

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      Although Concrete is acceptable without a surface coating there are many times that you can benefit from applying paint or other coatings to increase its performance and appearance.

      In basements you may want to apply concrete paint as a sealer if you would like to reduce humidity levels. On Garage floors you can apply an epoxy paint to protect the floor from oils and other products that can discolor the floor. Outside you may …

      How To 10 Big Decorating Mistakes we all make

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        Decorating your home is really not much more than organizing what you have and making purchases that best fit your home.

        Many people will hire a contractor to design a look for their home or maybe they will research ideas on their own from magazines and online resources but living in a model home that you can never change can be pretty dramatic. You find your home has taken over your life instead of …

        How To – Protecting your Projects with Gel Topcoat Satin Polyurethane

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          Over the past many years Manufacturers continue to expand their product lines to offer solutions for the hobbyist and professional.

          The product that we are looking at today is Gel formulated Polyurethane Topcoat.

          It is important to understand this type of topcoat before you decide to use it. Many people have excellent results with gel formulated topcoats but only when they use it for its specific result.

          Gel Coat Stains are often paired with Gel Topcoat products …

          How To – What is the Best Deck Stain?

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            Every few years we have to take a weekend and stain the wood on our deck to protect it from the elements.

            If it has been a few years since your last refinishing then your trip to the local supply store may have you wondering about the available products and prices even if you are staying with the same manufacturer you originally used.

            Price is a concern for every project and if you are like me …

            How To – Will using Primer when Painting your home help you save money?

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              Everyone is budget conscious and when it comes to deciding if you should spruce up your home it is no different. For most people painting interior rooms is high on their list of projects but for first time painters and those who have not attempted it for a while the decision to simply buy paint or buy primer and paint may make you think twice about if you can afford to do it or …

              How To – Change the look of your Bedroom for Under $500

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                Bedrooms are one of the most utilized places in our homes. Along with giving us a place to sleep many of us now have computers for school or business and televisions for entertainment.

                Whether you are making an upgrade because your kids are getting older or you just want to improve a neglected part of your home it shouldn’t cost you so much that you have to think twice about it. So, lets look at …

                How To – Preparing your Cabinets for Paint

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                  Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a brand new look. Painting your old cabinets can lower the cost of a kitchen remodel or cover the repairs of damaged cabinets.

                  You have a few options before you begin your work.

                  Will you keep all of your old hardware (cabinet pulls and hinges) or will you replace them?

                  Will you keep your cabinet door fronts or will you upgrade them for a new style?

                  If you are keeping …

                  How To – Reclaiming Old Furniture with a Distressed Black Lacquer Finish

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                    Black lacquer finishes on contemporary furniture designs never really seem to go out of style and the reason for this is that many of the design features harken back to centuries old Japanese styles and finishes.

                    Black Lacquer finish on high quality furniture is a time consuming process that can take weeks to complete. First the furniture is sanded as perfectly flat as possible then layer after layer of lacquer is applied, allowed to dry …

                    How To – Fixing Small Drywall Cracks

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                      Smaller cracks in drywall can actually be more difficult to repair then larger cracks that you can mud and tape but there is a way that you can get decent results that will last for years.

                      The first thing you need to do is inspect the crack and note its location.

                      If the crack in your drywall is over a doorway or over a window then you could have a structural problem with your house. If …