How To – Fixing Small Drywall Cracks

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    Smaller cracks in drywall can actually be more difficult to repair then larger cracks that you can mud and tape but there is a way that you can get decent results that will last for years.

    The first thing you need to do is inspect the crack and note its location.

    If the crack in your drywall is over a doorway or over a window then you could have a structural problem with your house. If …

    How To – Removing Paint From Old Furniture

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      Finding and restoring old furniture is a great hobby and an inexpensive way to accent your home with pieces you can’t buy at a local big box store. You can find old furniture at auctions and yard sales or even for free if you keep your eyes open on trash day but if you want to get items cheap it will probably mean repair and refinishing is required.

      Repairs will mean matching of wood and …

      How To – Care And Painting Of Exterior Front Doors

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        The front door of your home is the place you welcome all of your visitors for this reason you want it to look good, function well and for it to be secure. Part of keeping your exterior doors in their best condition for many years is taking time to repaint the surfaces and take care of the hardware.

        Exterior doors are now usually made with a steel cladding. The steel on the door provides extra …

        How To – Painting Wicker Furniture With Spray Paint

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          Recently a friend was restoring some old wicker furniture and had a problem where the spray paint they were using was not giving the finish they wanted.  Using a glossy spray paint they found that many layers were required to get the gloss and then it would fade before drying completely. If they added enough paint to keep it glossy the paint would build up so thick that it remained sticky for many days.

          This …

          How To – Removing Heavy Wax Or Grease Buildup On Cabinets

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            Recently a new home owner presented this problem the kitchen cabinets in their house were covered in a pink waxy buildup which we then discovered was silver polish used on wood cabinets.  The idea behind this was not apparent but we came to the conclusion that the previous owner probably didn’t have the right type of cleaner so they used what they had on hand.

            Now this is probably not going to be the case …

            How To – Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

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              Updating your kitchen doesn’t need to cost a lot and with a few simple steps and maybe a weekend’s worth of time you can bring a totally new feel to one of the rooms you and your family use the most. But before you get started there are some considerations and planning that will make painting your kitchen cabinets easier and provide a more professional result.

              The first thing you should do is inspect the …

              How To – Storing Latex Paint For Long Life

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                When painting your home or projects with latex paint you are likely to have extra paint. Because quality paint can be somewhat of an investment today it is important to store leftover paint in a way that it will last until it is needed.

                No matter what you do to protect your investment you should remember that latex paint does have a shelf life. Most manufacturers will suggest that both oil and latex paint be …

                How To – Picking Paint Colors Avoiding The Dated Look

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                  How many times have you watched one of the realtor house hunting shows on TV and heard a prospective buyer say, everything looks nice and clean but it seems a bit dated.

                  The fact is trendy styles can date the age of your home or when it was last remodeled.  Its similar to fashion and although they say everything old becomes new again you can never bet on when a specific style will be in …

                  How To – Restoring Plastic And Stainless Steel Trim Parts

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                    Older cars that use Plastic and Painted Stainless Steel trim parts often have problems of surface cracking and fading. To restore the finish of these products once they are past the point of armor-all you can use special paint that will adhere and bring new life to your old fading parts.

                    It is important to note we are talking about parts that are in good condition but may have …

                    How To – Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Wood Fence

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                      Either you purchased your home with one or decided that Wood was a better option then Vinyl for your fence but now after a few years its time to take a weekend and make everything look like new again.

                      There are two basic types of wood fences, you have the natural look split rail which comes in three or four rails set between posts and then you have barricade fencing or privacy fencing that can …