How To Pick A Good Cheap Mattress

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    If you are in the market for a new mattress then you will find that the number of options can make the task a bit difficult. In this how to we will cover the steps you will take to decide which mattress is best for you and how much you can save by choosing different options.

    I personally just went through this process twice and I picked two different types of mattresses for different reasons. One thing I can tell you is that the cost of mattresses has gone through the roof in the past few years while at the same time the quality is not what you probably remember. On the other hand if you are willing to do some shopping and shell out a couple hundred dollars you can probably find a mattress that will get you a good nights sleep for quite some time.

    Growing up it really wasn’t that common for people to buy mattresses all the time. Normally people would buy one and have it for ten or more years. Today although that is possible it is more likely that you will need to replace your bed more often. This is because different types of techniques and materials are now being used to offer a different quality of bed. This is throughout the range of quality which makes it rather difficult to make choices.

    You have to consider that some materials will provide a good quality experience for a short period of time while other (more conventional) materials will last longer only if they are of high quality….

    Lets get more specific before I lose you.

    What is the difference of coil spring and foam mattresses?

    Foam Mattresses are just that… they are a large chunk of thick foam that you sleep on. They are made from a variety of different foams and some come with different layers of foam to provide support and a upper level of softness but they are foam.

    The benefits of a foam mattress is cost and ease of delivery. Foam mattress are easy to buy online and will come compressed and rolled up in a fairly large box that 1 or 2 people can move easily. Even for a queen mattress you can expect the delivery to be standard shipping.

    Coil spring mattresses are made of a number of steel coils (hundreds) that are covered with a layer of cotton, foam or other soft material and then a fabric outside shell. In conventional beds the use of coils will normally give a much firmer feel than foam only mattresses. In addition to standard coil spring mattresses you can buy ones with pillow top foam that add an additional 2 or more inches on top of the standard mattress to give a soft feel along with the firm support of the mattress.

    Coil mattresses are available in standard or rolled in a box type and you have to consider that a conventional coil spring mattress that is delivered in its full size will be more durable than a bed in a box type mattress.

    Durability is the Question

    If you are buying a mattress for a child, teen or adult you have to take many considerations in to its cost, use and durability.

    If you are living in a home where you expect to stay for many years a more durable mattress is important. A twin bed that is used for a teen should last many years however as they grow their continued use of the bed in addition to their growing weight will put wear on the bed.

    Twin Mattresses normally come in different grades to address the needs of children and teens. Cheaper less supportive mattresses can be used for much younger children but you should probably expect to replace your child’s bed sometime during their teen years with an adult grade bed even if it is in the Twin or Full Size.

    When selecting a foam mattress you want to look at the pound per cubic foot rating of the foam. It might also be rated by a Density Grading. The higher the rating the better for both children and adults. When buying foam mattresses you may want to go for a thicker mattress which will often use a higher grade foam. The difference between an 8″ and 10″ thick mattress can mean the world because of foam density levels.

    When buying a coil spring or conventional mattress the rating is not as easy to determine. Normally they say soft feels like you’re in a hammock (sagging), Medium is normally the soft for most people and firm is a sign of higher durability over time. This is not always true and it depends on how the mattress is made. For instance many people might rate a pillow top coil mattress that has firm springs as a Soft and this would be incorrect. For rating you should be considering the overall compression of the mattress not the textural feel on an exterior covering like a Mattress Topper or Pillow Top. Strong springs normally point to durability and you will understand if you lay down on a Child’s Mattress vs a normal mattress.. you will feel like there is no support because you are twice the weight of the child.

    Cost is the main factor of Selecting a Mattress

    So, this How To was about how to pick the cheapest mattress that is of the highest quality.

    For some people it may still mean buying a $400 Twin Mattress and that would be true if you find the cheaper models just do not provide the support you need. If you are heavy you will need a heavier gauge coil and a standard foam mattress won’t fit your needs. If you are of average weight then you can pick the most durable inexpensive model and I always suggest you select firm and if needed add a foam topper for comfort.

    Don’t skimp on your kids and buy them garbage mattresses. Yes they are growing but this is the exact reason you want them to have a healthy bed to sleep a third of their day in.

    People sleep a third of their life on average. Hopefully we all get about 8 hours of sleep and if we are spending that much time in bed it is important that the mattress we pick is of good quality. You don’t want something that will cause you back problems and you don’t want something that will be uncomfortable and not let you get a full good nights sleep.

    Think about it .. on those rare days that you wake up fully slept and refreshed you feel amazing.. the world is somehow shinier .. the sound of birds doesn’t make you want to get a slingshot.. and the people around you don’t run from your scowl… .. but honestly it is very important to get good quality sleep.

    Final Note

    Foam mattresses are excellent for temporary situations such as a guest bed or college. They can also be required for reclining and medical beds. Additionally if you just love the feel they might be for you.

    Coil Mattresses come in different types and grades but your best bet is if the choice is available get firm and then get a model with a pillow top add on or add your own foam topper if you enjoy really soft texture.

    Which is better foam or coil? Neither they both have their place and they both can give you a good night sleep.

    Which costs less foam or coil mattresses? That depends but on the highest grade mattresses you can expect coil spring mattresses to fetch the most.. however there are some foam mattresses that can cost well over $400 even for a twin model.

    What I would say is look at the cost vs benefit. If you expect the use to be light or temporary then go with the least expensive model you can find. If you expect daily use then look for higher quality materials and find the one with the best of all for your price range.


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