How To – Understanding Pet Care Costs When You Need To Hire Someone

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    Everyone that has pets will eventually need to hire someone to help in their care.  You may be bringing your pet to the doctor or hiring someone to sit with your dog or iguana while you go on vacation.

    So, what can you expect when you need to hire a professional.

    The first thing that you should expect is that if you live in a City you will pay more for typical services. Location does matter but so do regulations.

    If your dog walker can let your dog out in your back yard for a few hours or hit the local park the problems associated with cleanup are less then in the city where owners must not leave anything behind.

    You should also consider the difference between boarding your pet where they will have 24 hour care and someone that comes by once a day to feed and check in.  The price may not be all that much different but will your animal feel better in their own surroundings or with other animals.

    For home walkers you can expect to pay from $10 to $20 a day.

    Daycare that cares for your animal during the day $15 to $30 a day.

    Kennels will charge $20 to $30 a day.

    Dogie Hotels where your dog may have a better vacation then you cost on average $50 a day and up.

    What about Grooming when your pet needs care you can’t perform yourself?

    This service can vary greatly but you should expect to pay about the same rate as a Hair Cut for yourself.  If you are use to going to a professional salon then you will have one price and so will your animal but if you just need a basic trim you can probably get away with paying about $20.

    The service you get at a dog groomer will vary and you have to check out each place and make sure you get to look at some of their work. You will know when you walk in the door if they are clean and professional. Expect the tools and work area to be clean if pets have problems with infestation you do not want that passed on to your animal.

    Inspect their work on trimming of nails and cleaning. Dogs need special care. You should talk to your vet and have them explain what special services or care is needed for your specific animal to keep them healthy and happy.

    The amount of grooming your pet will need will depend on its breed. Often you can perform some of the work yourself and then bring your pet in for a professional cleanup when needed.

    Health and Vet Care
    Vet Care can be expensive and you should understand the costs before you invest in an animal.

    Some breeds of animals are prone to different diseases but there are general problems that will effect all animals.

    Spaying or Neutering your animal may be required in your location but is often recommended for owners that will not seek to breed their animal.

    Amazingly the standard office visit for your pet will probably cost the same as your own. Expect to pay about $50 for a visit with no problems.

    Surgery for your animal can cost $300 to $500 depending on the problem. Major Surgery can cost $2000 and is a consideration you will need to make.

    If you purchase your animal from a professional you should have them include proof of vaccination. This process can cost about $100 and is required.  Always keep your vaccination records just in case your dog bites someone or they will put it down to check for rabies. Yes you never want that to happen but better to be safe.

    These are some of the many costs for professional care you may come across but remember prices will vary along with care.

    You should always prepare for your animal by knowing 24 hour emergency vets that provide good care.

    Some companies have started to offer animal health care plans to reduce your costs. That may be something you want to look into.

    Remember most pets will be with you for many years and they need care from time to time just like you do. You need to factor this in when deciding to get a pet and just because someone gives you a free one does not mean there are no costs involved.

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