Armstrong Design A Room – Online Flooring Design Software

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    Armstrong’s online tool called Design A Room can help you visualize the different types of flooring in a variety of settings.

    The products that you can look at include:

    Ceramic Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl Tile

    The software written in Flash presents you with a number of different rooms in your home and then provides variations on the type of style to get reasonably close to your current or future design style.

    After selecting the Room and Design Style you can select from the whole line of Armstrong Flooring products to visualize how they may look in your room.

    There are hundreds of selections so you can quickly get an idea of how your room might look and how their products look when installed.

    Some of the Preview Rooms are not really that great.

    We took a look at the Home Office / Contemporary design and the image of the room is small and on top of that they placed an area rug in the room that covers most of the floor that you could see.

    Well its not perfect but it is worth a look when you are trying to decide between different types of wood and how they will look on a larger scale.

    Give it a try

    The YouRepair Store carries a full line of Armstrong and other Manufacturer Flooring Products and tools needed to install them.


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