How To – Extending Gutter Downspouts Around Doorways

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    In this HowTo we will extend a downspout from our roof gutter under a concrete pad that is near the front doorway of our home.

    Managing rain runoff from your gutter system is important for many reasons. In the summer months when rainfall can be heavy you need to have the water diverted away from your pathways and entrences to your home for comfort and safety. In the winter months when water can …

    Shingling Roofs – Shingle Materials Estimation

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      When you are working on a roof you need to determine how many squares or 100 square foot sections of shingle that you will need to purchase.
      There are two methods to estimate the amount that you will need.

      The first is to actually get up on the roof and measure the actual square foot of the roof surface.

      This is easy enough for a home owner because it will give you the chance to inspect your …