How To – Moving Guide Taking care of Address and Other important Changes

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    When you move there are many things on your mind and although getting all of your stuff to your new place may be foremost on your mind there are a lot of other things that you need to take care of.

    The following guide should help you track down some of the things that people normally forget when moving.

    Contact your local post office and apply for a change of address. This is very important because some businesses that you work with will have mail spooled to send to you that they can not place on hold or redirect. Even bills and bank account statement may be automatically generated for processing and it is important that you not only receive this information but that no one else receives it.

    Make a list of all businesses that you have accounts with and update your contact information.

    This list should include your banks, credit card companies, any companies that you have a store discount or credit card with. Any company that you make online purchases with such as ITunes or NetFlix. Your Cellphone company, Cable TV or Satellite. Any company that you may have a billing and shipping address with such as Amazon or Sears or other businesses.

    Basically you want to generate a list of every business that you have worked with in the past 5 years that may have account information you may need and update it if you feel it is necessary.

    In addition to retail and personal services you want to make sure that your doctors have updated contact information. Even if you will be moving across the USA you want to make sure that you pass on your address so they can contact you.

    Update your Insurance information Health, Life, and Auto.

    You will need to get a new Drivers License issued. If you are moving within the state it will only require a eye test and photo id to be generated … if you are moving to a new state they may accept your license and just require an eye test or they may require a written/computer test. Normally you need to change your license information within 6 months of moving.

    Final Note

    If you expect to use your credit card during the move and also expect to be billed within a few days of your move you can arrange to make online or telephone payments from your bank account. These payments may cost you money for the transaction if so you can also simply send in a payment by mail that you know will cover your minimum payment.

    If you have utility bills you want to make sure that your account is moved to your new location or closed. You do not want the next owner using your account for services. It is probably a good idea to have your phone and cable turned off the day or a few days before your move.




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