How To – Selecting the best Starter Plants for transplanting in your Garden

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    Starting all of your plants from seed may be nice if you have a heated green house and can follow all of the steps to get good starter plants but for most of us there are at least some plants that take too long to get going in the spring. This is why starter plants are great for all gardeners.

    Professional farms located in the south west or maybe locally to you can provide you …

    How To – Understanding and Growing Heirloom Vegetables

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      There are a number of different vegetables that are available from seed companies in Heirloom variety. For most of us we just want a plant that will grow well, taste good and not need a lot of work. If you are one of these people then heirloom variety plants may not be your best bet however if you crave the taste of tomatoes of your youth or those great cucumbers that your grandpa useto …

      How To – Tool Guide Types of Garden Tillers

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        Types of Garden Tillers
        There are three different types of medium sized garden tillers and the differences are where the tilling tines are located.

        Front and Mid Tine garden tillers normally have the shallowest depths while the mid or center tine tillers tend to be easier to handle.

        Rear Tine garden tillers have the deepest reach into the soil but they are also difficult to handle and require more strength.


        Gasoline or Electric Garden Tillers

        Electric tillers that are …

        How To – Starting your Garden indoors from Seeds

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          Starting your garden from seeds is an easy and inexpensive way to get a garden full of vegetables and flowers for not too much work.

          Vegetable and flower seeds are inexpensive and you can get packets in late winter and early spring at local stores or online.

          Starting your garden inside will give you a jump on spring but what do you need to start your garden indoors?

          First you should start by planting those vegetables and …

          How To – Dried Beans As A Long Term Storage Food Source

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            Long Term Food Storage is important for many reasons including emergency food sources and even for saving money but how long can dried beans really be saved?

            Adzuki, Black, Black-eyed, Black Turtle, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Lentils, Lima, Mung, Navy, Pink, Pinto, Small Red, Soy, and Split-pea can all be dried and stored.

            A recent study has shown that Dried Beans can be stored for 30 years. This was the length of the study and it …

            How To – Harvesting Lettuce Seeds For Next Years Garden

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              When you plant lettuce in your garden unless you have a huge family or only plant a few seeds you are likely to have a few plants that start to get past their useability stage before you can pick them.

              You shouldn’t look at this as a bad thing because those plants will grow seeds that you can use in next years garden to grow a whole new batch of salads.

              Harvesting lettuce seed is not …

              How To – Don’t Waste Your Garden Weeds Use Them For Mulch

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                Weeds are every gardeners evil foe but did you know that you can use weeds to kill weeds?

                Like any plant material weeds can be used as a mulch material around the base of your plants. Large plants like tomatoes can benefit from mulch as can cucumbers, squash and any plant where the fruit is away from the ground.

                Lets face it after pulling weeds in your garden all day the last thing you want to …

                Millions Of More Homes Turn To Gardening To Lower Their Food Budget

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                  A recent survey of Gardening Trends shows that 43 million homes are now using vegetable and fruit gardening as a way to supplement and offset the costs of feeding their families. This number is up from 36 million homes in 2009.

                  The National Gardening Association says spending on food gardening including growing vegetables, fruit trees, berries and herbs jumped 20 percent in one year to $3 billion in 2009 and stayed at that level last …

                  How To – Summer Fruit Tree Care & Watering Will Improve Your Harvest

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                    Fruit Trees require care throughout the year in order to provide a great harvest in the fall or summer months. In addition to pruning back any damaged branches and protecting your trees from pests it is important to promote a healthy root system by watering and feeding during the dry season.

                    Most trees can survive a normal drought but when the summer heat is harsh and you haven’t seen rain for a while your fruit …

                    How To – When Is The Right Time To Start An Apartment Garden?

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                      If you are lucky enough to have some space in your apartment where you can grow a few vegetables or flowers the time to start is in early spring.  Vegetables are normally available in starter packs at your local stores and home centers from March to April and the variety will change as the season progresses.

                      Since you are starting a garden in your apartment you will need to plan your space and what containers …