How to – Crop Rotation Guide to Similar Plant Types

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    When you plant your garden there are a variety of different reasons to rotate your crops. One reason is to restore nutrients like nitrogen that specific plants may suck out of your soil such as beans or tomatoes.

    Other reasons include pest and disease control. This may mean that if you have a Tomato Disease you will want to stay away from crops that are in the same family.

    The following chart can be used as a …

    How to – Sterilize Garden Soil of Pests and Bacteria without harsh Chemicals

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      As Gardeners we all understand that at times there is a need to use chemicals in our garden to protect and improve our crops.

      The most common chemicals we use are chemical based fertilizers and soil conditioners like lime that improve the health of our plants. Often these chemicals are safer for the home or small gardener and cheaper for larger farms then the alternative of organic products.

      When it comes to pesticides, fungicides and anti bacterial products …

      How To – Is Manure Safe for Vegetable Gardens?

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        Manure is a animal waste product that many farmers use to supplement the nutrients in their soil but is it something that the home gardener can use safely?

        The first and most important thing that you need to know about using manure is that it can be dangerous for vegetable gardens.

        If you have heard the warnings for E. coli on a variety of different vegetable and fruit crops like cantaloupes the one thing you probably …

        How To – Spring is here Time to prepare the Garden for Planting

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          Temperatures overnight are still too cold in most parts of the country for planting but it is getting time to get outside and do some work after a long winter.

          Personally it seems that this winter has been longer then those in the past with cooler weather and some unexpected snows late into March but unfortunately the weather people are saying we can’t expect a cooler summer that would mean more rain. They are predicting …

          How To – Garden Seed and Understanding Seed Quality

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            Many plants in our flower and vegetable gardens can be grown from seed. Although you may choose to purchase packs of plants at your local garden center to add flowers or early start vegetables like tomatoes it is often easier and less costly to grow a variety of plants directly from seed.

            If you are planting a larger garden or supporting a small farm you can purchase your plants just like a home gardener would …

            How To – Watering Your Vegetable Garden

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              There are many options for the home gardener when it comes to watering your vegetable garden. If you visit your local home center you are likely to find dozens of hoses and attachments.. some that you may have seen before but many that you have never used.

              The way you deliver water will depend on the plants you are growing. Some vegetables like lettuce like a light rainfall of water while squash plants benefit by …

              How To – Controlling Weeds by Cultivating & Mulching

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                The best way to control weeds in your garden is without chemicals. This is especially true in vegetable gardens where you want to minimize the use of pesticides and rarely if ever use herbicides.

                The use of herbicides can actually cause serious harm to your soil and you could ingest it but if you are wondering why your tomatoes are not growing and you use roundup anywhere near your beds that could be the problem …

                How To – Selecting the best Starter Plants for transplanting in your Garden

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                  Starting all of your plants from seed may be nice if you have a heated green house and can follow all of the steps to get good starter plants but for most of us there are at least some plants that take too long to get going in the spring. This is why starter plants are great for all gardeners.

                  Professional farms located in the south west or maybe locally to you can provide you …

                  How To – Understanding and Growing Heirloom Vegetables

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                    There are a number of different vegetables that are available from seed companies in Heirloom variety. For most of us we just want a plant that will grow well, taste good and not need a lot of work. If you are one of these people then heirloom variety plants may not be your best bet however if you crave the taste of tomatoes of your youth or those great cucumbers that your grandpa useto …

                    How To – Tool Guide Types of Garden Tillers

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                      Types of Garden Tillers
                      There are three different types of medium sized garden tillers and the differences are where the tilling tines are located.

                      Front and Mid Tine garden tillers normally have the shallowest depths while the mid or center tine tillers tend to be easier to handle.

                      Rear Tine garden tillers have the deepest reach into the soil but they are also difficult to handle and require more strength.


                      Gasoline or Electric Garden Tillers

                      Electric tillers that are …