How To – Repairing or Replacing a Bathtub Drain Popup

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    Clogs in your bathroom are a problem that everyone will run into eventually. The most common is your toilet and then your sink but over time a clog in your bathtub will build up but luckily cleaning it out is not that hard to do.

    There are two different types of bathtub drains. The first type is a manual popup that you need to pull up and twist to open. The second type works remotely …

    How To – Testing to determine if you need a Low Flow Shower Head

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      Saving money is one of the most important things in your home and the amount of water you use for baths and showers may be putting a dent in your pocket.

      If you are moving into a new home or apartment your bathroom probably came with one of the least expensive fixtures available just to provide a working shower. Although this is sufficient to get the job done it may mean that you are not …

      How To – Quick Guide Can Pet and Human Hair Clog your Septic System?

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        Many people that buy homes that have septic systems have never been taught about the problems that can arise from disposing improper materials though their waste water system.

        This is unfortunate and can lead to early servicing or replacement but more often then not the home owner never knew that what they were doing is wrong.

        The first thing you should do when you purchase a home that is on a septic system if you have …

        How To – Understanding The Differences in Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

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          One of the most popular home remodeling projects is a makeover of your bathroom however not all of us are up to doing all or any of the work ourselves. If you will need to hire a contractor to perform some or all of the work then we have some guides that will let you understand whether or not you are getting a fair deal with no hidden costs that can make your lowest …

          How To – Preventing Sewer Clogging Problems Knowing What Not To Dispose

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            Prevention of problems is always less costly then maintenance or repairs. Often the difference in how you do things to reduce problems is pretty apparent but sometimes we don’t take care and over time the stuff you flush or put down your sink will result in hours or days without use of your plumbing system not to mention the mess in fixing it yourself or the cost in having someone else do it for …

            How To – Proper Disposal Of Medicines In Your Home

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              Every year we hear clean water reports that say large cities like NYC have levels of pharmaceuticals in their drinking water that can be a concern for the people that live in that area.

              You will hear reports of water that has passed through the treatment plants to be recycled and put back into our drinking water system with levels of Heart Medication, Cancer Blockers, Opiates and Hormonal Treatments that can be measured. This should …

              How To – Consumers Guide Working With Contractors And Understanding Project Timelines

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                Contract completion times are one of the most common complaints by consumers however by asking a few questions up front most of the headaches can be eliminated.

                Like no other business Remodeling and Building Contractors are always blamed for longer then expected completion times, delays in service while the work is being completed and delays before work begins. In some cases the blame is justified however in many cases it is just miscommunication of all of the …

                How To – Fixing Leaking Toilets Blamed For 45 Percent Of All Wasted Water

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                  Wasting water can be costly and it is interesting to know that of all wasted water in residential buildings the culprit is your toilet.

                  The good news is fixing a leaking toilet does not need to cost a lot and most people can do this themselves with only a few simple tools. When you are done you will have a toilet that works better and gets clogged less often and you will save money on …

                  How To – Designing An Efficient And Environmentally Friendly Bathroom

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                    Making over your bathroom can be expensive depending on whether you hire someone to perform the work,  have a professional perform some of the work or do it all yourself. Although the average initial cost can come in around $7,000 it is also important to think about how you may end up flushing money down the toilet for years if you don’t pick and choose your fixtures and materials correctly.

                    Water use will be a …

                    How To – Using Bleach As A Household Disinfectant

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                      The next time that you are at the store and are looking for a bottle of disinfectant to clean bathroom, kitchen and other surfaces in your home you should take a closer look at what is really in the ingredients.

                      Surprisingly you are likely to find that along with some possible soaps and fragrances the main active ingredient in most disinfectants is Bleach or chemically known as Sodium Hypochlorite.

                      You will also find a listing showing …