How To – Plywood siding residential construction

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    Although normally signing is applied over exterior she then which has been protected by a vapor barrier some contractors to make use of single wall systems.

    In a single wall system the exterior sheathing is the finished product.  Where normally the vapor barrier would be applied over the exterior sheathing the plywood siding is applied directly to the studs.  This means a vapor barrier must be applied from the interior of the home.

    Because plywood siding …

    How To – Understanding species type when selecting lumber for framing

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      There are a variety of different tree species types used in home construction.  Although from their visual appearance you may not consider framing grade lumber to be hardwood it is.

      Most consumers consider woods such as oak, walnut or mahogany when they are thinking of hardwood however pine, spruce, Douglas fir and other woods are considered hardwood and used in the framing process.

      When selecting hardwood for framing and using structural span charts it is important …

      How To – Selecting the right plywood for residential construction

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        There are a variety of locations within your home where plywood is used.  Plywood can be constructed of either layers of wood that are glued together or chips of wood that are oriented to obtain a specific structural strength.

        Standard plywood is made of layers that are glued together.  When logs go through a plywood mill a thin layer of wood is stripped from the logs in a similar method to a pencil sharpener.  These …

        How To – Understanding lumber grading and selection for framing

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          There are three main grades of lumber that are commonly used in structural framing.  A fourth category may be found in pre-made trusses but this material is not normally available to the general contractor.

          The first grade of lumber is light framing.  This grade of lumber is considered utility grade lumber and should not be used for framing walls or used as joists in either residential construction, commercial construction or where structural support is required.  …

          How To – Adding a Chain to Secure your Storm Door

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            Storm Doors are great features for homes and they provide a variety of different features from security to increased protection from wind and rain.

            The one feature that most storm doors do not come with is a chain that restricts how wide the door can open. This really is an important feature for most home owners because wind can pull a door out of your hand and cause it to hit something. Also children, friends …

            How To – What is the Best Deck Stain?

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              Every few years we have to take a weekend and stain the wood on our deck to protect it from the elements.

              If it has been a few years since your last refinishing then your trip to the local supply store may have you wondering about the available products and prices even if you are staying with the same manufacturer you originally used.

              Price is a concern for every project and if you are like me …

              How To – Buying a Garden Shed and knowing your options

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                garden shedThere are many different options when selecting a Garden Shed and the ones you choose will be reflected in the final price.

                You can purchase sheds pre-made from a local business or select from a variety sold by national building supply chains.

                You can also purchase the materials and build your own shed but you will need to submit a plan to your local building official. That is another thing that you must remember… most locations require …

                How To – Keeping your Deck from Cracking in the Hot Summer Sun

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                  Wood is a natural material that will react to the elements and for that reason it is important that you take care of any exterior structures that may get beat by the hot summer sun.

                  This year has been especially hot and dry and although you may think at first that dry wood is good you might also notice that the spaces between your decking are getting wider and if you have any cracks they …

                  How To – The importance of Having a Plan no matter the Project Size

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                    Having worked in a variety of different fields and with many different groups of people there is one thing that in hind sight makes the difference between a project going well or lots of havoc.

                    No matter how many times you have gone to the supermarket for food you know that you are more likely to get in and out of the store with exactly what you need if you made a list. You may find that …

                    How To – Maintenance Tips for Mold Free Composite Deck Materials

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                      Composite Deck Materials used for Deck Surfaces, Railing, Balusters and Steps have been in use for more then 15 years in the United States and although they are low care product they are not maintenance free.

                      Because composite materials use a high content of plastics they are less prone to absorb water. Wood decking that is pressure treated has a chemical injected in it that treats the wood to reduce its breakdown when molds, fungus …