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Portland Oregon Giving You $50 To Plant A Tree

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    Can one tree make a difference?

    Well to find out it won’t cost you anything if you live in Portland, Oregon.

    Every tree planted in Portland contributes to cleaner rivers and streams. So, if you plant a tree on your residential property, you can receive a rebate of up to $50 for native trees.

    Receive a credit on your utility bill (50% of purchase price up to $40, up to $50 if the tree is a Willamette Valley native)

    Rebates …

    How To – Manage Your Property In Fire Zone Areas To Reduce Danger

    Be Sociable, Share! matter where you live fires that start outside of your home can effect your home. If you live in the country you could have a brush or field fire. If you live near a park or wooded area a forest fire could cause you problems. If you live in the city homes around yours could catch on fire and spread to your home.

      There are a number of locations around the country that see …

      How To – When Is The Best Time To Prune?

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        For the sake of this HowTo we are talking about pruning in the context of making large changes, reshaping or curing problems such as disease.

        When to prune plants is one of the most common questions for gardeners and if you ask 20 people you will likely get 20 answers as to when the best time for pruning is…

        The truth be told the best time to prune is when the job needs to be done …

        How To – Pruning Tree Branches

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          Whether you are pruning dead or living branches it is always important to take care and follow proper techniques.

          When pruning branches it is important to only remove the branch and none of the tissue of the main trunk or branch.

          Although it is easier to distinguish where the trunk ends and the branch begins there is a separating point The Branch Collar that should not be disturbed.

          In the image to the right you can see …

          How To – Pruning and Trimming Bushes

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            What might seem counter productive at first, trimming and pruning your plants will help them grow and improve their overall health. Other benifits include managing the size of the plant and shaping it from a wild version into a decrative part of your landscape.

            Most of the skills we will cover can be applied to all plant types but some individual plants will need special care.

            Pruning Dead Spots
            This is …

            Using Mulch in your Garden

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              There are many types of mulch that you can use in your garden and just as many reasons to use it.
              Most people like the way mulch looks in flower beds and around their small trees but the reason it is used has much more to do with garden maintenance then just its decorative appeal.

              Here are a few reasons you may want to use mulch.

              To reduce the amount of …