How To Introduction To SIPs Structural Insulated Panels In Home Building

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    There are a variety of different methods for framing, insulating and finishing interior walls in homes. Normally in conventional stick frame construction these trades are separated and the work is accomplished by different trades at different times in the project. In SIP construction these functions are merged in one step where exterior sheathing and interior drywall sandwiches an internal insulation to speed construction in a variety of building types.

    Initially SIPs were designed for timber …

    How To Move HVAC Ducts To Their Proper Wall Height Location

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      A friend of ours asks about their older single story ranch home without a basement that was retrofitted back in the 1970’s to change from Baseboard Hot Water from an Oil Heater to Forced Hot Air from a Gas Heater. In their case the install was done pretty poorly and they need to change the location of the register vents to increase the output and heating ability of the heater.

      Although in this case the …

      How To Extend The Life Of Your Fruits And Vegetables To Reduce Kitchen Waste

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        Whether you grow your own garden or buy from the store the value of the food in our kitchen is something to care about. In this How To we will cover some of the ways to care for your produce to extend its usefulness in your home.

        One thing that most of us forget about once our produce is harvested is that it is a living thing and the environment will break it down and …

        How To Oil Furnace Oil Storage Tank Inspection And Replacement

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          If you have an oil furnace then you have an oil tank to supply a reserve of oil to your system.For your system to operate at its best your storage tank should be inspected yearly. In this How To we will go over the basic inspection process. The location of your tank and what you can do to better that situation. Your options for replacement and a few other options you might have for …

          How To Understand Contractor Liability Insurance And Homeowner Responsibility

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            If you are looking to hire a contractor to work on your property there are some precautions that you should take before signing any contract and committing to having them perform the work. Simply because a contractor hands you a piece of paper that they want you to sign doesn’t mean that you have to agree to it. It may mean that they won’t perform the work if you don’t agree to all of …

            How To Setup A Media Server For Your Home

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              If you are someone that records TV off of Antenna or Cable or maybe you are someone that takes a lot of video on your phone and you need a central place to store it so all of your devices can access the content and offload for storage then you should consider setting up a media server in your home.

              In our home we have the ability to access our NAS server from each of …

              How To Pick The Right Door Latch Or Bolt For Your Doors

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                If you are shopping for replacement door knobs or if you are repairing your door locking mechanisms you should know that there are four different types of internal latches that you can purchase.

                The first one is a Spring Latch and this is the normal type of latch used in your interior doors. They work with closet doors that you do not lock and they also work with bedroom doors that do lock. The difference …

                How To Finish The Inside Of Your Shed To Make It A Workshop

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                  A friend of ours just purchased a new premade shed at a large warehouse store and they are thinking of using it as a woodworking work area. Yes I asked the same question if you are able to do woodworking why didn’t you build the shed yourself. I never got an answer to that.

                  They are now considering putting in a Air Conditioner and doing some woodworking in the shed. You know how it works …

                  How To Pick A Good Property For Your Off Grid Homestead

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                    There are a lot of people that are becoming interested in Homestead Living where you get away from the City and you live life out on your own. There are good and bad points about this type of lifestyle and before you jump in you should understand all of the resources and skills you will need so your experience is a good one.

                    The most important part of Homestead Living is finding a piece of …

                    How To React Quickly To A Water Or Gas Leak In Your Home

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                      A friend just went through a situation where their Gas Hot Water Heater decided to spring a leak in the middle of the night and they were in a slight panic while trying to get the situation under control. I thought this might be a good time to go over what you should do if you find you have a leak of some type whether gas or water in your home.

                      The first thing that …