How To Frame Stud Walls For A Rough Window Opening

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    If you are building your own home or if you are retrofitting your window openings for new windows it is important that you always follow the manufacture recommendations for door and window openings but in general all rough openings for windows and doors are made two inches wider and two inches taller than the size of the door or window that will fit the opening. Often this size is reduced to 1 inch on …

    How To Increase Horsepower And Torque On Your Stock Engine

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      If you are like most people there are times when you wish your vehicle had a little more strength but upgrading your engine can seem pretty complex. In this How To we will look at the basic ways to increase your engine’s power and talk about the cost and how complex it can get for the average weekend mechanic.

      The first thing you need to do is understand that there are only so many things …

      How To Avoid The Worst Mistakes When Buying Land For Your Home

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        When you are thinking about purchasing a property for a homestead there are a few big things that you need to look into before finalizing any deal. This list should not be thought of as the only things you need to consider and research but it should be used as a starting point.
        Who Owns The Property
        This is very important especially when buying property online. If a piece of land is advertised for sale you …

        How To Find Water On Land Before You Buy It

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          If you are considering buying land to build a home on probably the most important thing you have to make sure you have access to is potable water. Without water you can’t grow crops or maintain animals but most important you can’t survive yourself. The alternative is to truck in water and that really isn’t an option for many people.

          So how do you find water on your land? The easiest way is to …

          How To Clear Your Field For Planting Crops

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            If you are lucky enough to have enough land to plant a large amount of crops or maybe if you have a field that has been mismanaged for a long time and you just want to start over you have a lot of options for clearing the area from tall grasses and preparing it for planting.

            The first thing is we aren’t talking about converting a wooded lot or one with a large amount of …

            How To Enter Into A Contract To Purchase Land For Your Homestead

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              A friend of ours is considering buying about 6 acres of land from a friend of their family and they expect to work on the land slowly and build on it within the next 5 years or so. They are asking for advice on what they need to look for before they get into the deal.The price is extremely reasonable and under $20,000 total.

              First I want to say I am not a lawyer and …

              How To Door Lock And Hinge Maintenance For Squeaky Doors And Sticky Locks

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                Its that time of year when you are looking for things to do around the house that you might not have time to do when its nice out. One of the things that makes life a little nicer is taking care of your door locks and hinges. When you have a door that squeaks every time you open it or lock latches that stick it can be a bit of an annoyance. With a …

                How To Get Rid Of Rust In Your Toilet Bowl

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                  Rust in your toilet bowl is one of the problems that everyone faces and the first thing you have to realize is its not due to not cleaning. Unfortunately many toilet manufacturers include steel parts in their tank equipment and over time even if they are chrome plated they will begin to rust. Once this happens there really is no going back. For this reason the best way to remove rust from your toilet …

                  How To Cure Moldy Grout Lines In Your Bathroom

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                    Most people will experience mold in their bathroom and thats because mold only needs a couple things to grow. Warmth, Moisture and some type of Food Source is all mold needs to grow anywhere in your home. Mold that gets into your grout will penetrate and get behind the tile and eventually into the drywall or other wall materials and could end even up eating away the studs or floor boards in your bathroom. …

                    How To Timber Frame Building And Cutting Your Own Lumber

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                      One of the most expensive aspects of Timber Frame Building is the cost of the large dimension lumber that you need for construction. Not only is it expensive but the ability to purchase the materials will vary depending on where you are located. If you are considering building your own timber frame building and you have the resources in your area to cut your own or purchase raw logs for milling then you might …