How To Setup your Silicondust HDHomeRun To Watch Live TV with the Add-on

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    If you’re cutting the cord like many Americans or trying to reduce your cable bill by getting rid of costly boxes to rent for DVR Features then you have probably been looking into a solution that includes a SiliconDust Tuner and

    Well lucky for you SiliconDust has just released a Beta Version of their new Add-on for that will let you watch all of your TV Programs on Cable or Over The Air …

    How To CableCARD Tuners for your Home and Media Center

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      If you love cable tv but hate the cost of renting boxes you may have looked into the availability of a CableCard Tuner which can help you with your Entertainment needs.

      Unfortunately these devices are both expensive and require more than just the device to get content to your TV and to record shows for later viewing.

      In this How To we will look at the three leading Manufacturers of CableCARD Tuners for residential / end …

      How To Record Digital HDTV From Your OTA Antenna DVR Options

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        If you are moving to Over The Air Antenna based Television then one of the things you might miss from cable or Dish is the ability to Record your shows for later playback.

        In this how to we will look at some of the options you have to record your shows and even save them on your computer’s hard drive or serve them over your wired or WiFi network to your Televisions, Tablets and Phones.

        There …

        How To Choose Your Operating System for a HTPC Media Center PC

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          If you are considering building a Media Center PC you are probably getting overloaded by the choices of hardware and software available to you. The following how to will hopefully narrow down your direction and help you understand some of the primary concerns you should have when building a device to display Live and Recorded content on your Television.

          To work well devices need to be built for this specific task this is why …

          How To Review of Amazon Prime Instant Video Free Offerings

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            If you are considering cutting the cord and moving to a combination of Antenna and Streaming Services to replace your expensive Cable or Dish subscription then you are probably trying to find out what is available for free.

            Now obviously you could stream lots of content if you are willing to pay through the nose. There is even one LEGAL service out there that will stream Movies to your home while they are still …

            How To Choose the Right Roku Player for your TV

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              If you are considering buying a streaming media device for your televisions so you can watch your online content someplace other than your phone or computer there are a few different options out there. One of the more popular companies making Streaming Devices is Roku but even within their product line you may have some confusion about which device is best for you.

              We are going to look at some of the available features …

              How To Overcome Media Center Build Fright when Cutting The Cord

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                If you have been considering cutting the cord and going without cable TV you have probably experienced Build Fright. This is a situation where you begin looking into options and there are so many different ones that don’t seem to have the same features that you get a little scared you will spend your money on things that will soon be outdated and useless.

                The first thing you should understand is yes this is …

                How To Setup a TV Tuner Card for your Media Center

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                  There are a variety of ways to watch TV but if you are dropping cable and moving to over the air antenna broadcasts it can be a serious benefit to setup a Media Center Computer  that can record shows that you might miss.

                  Unlike Cable TV where you can basically find reruns of any show at any time of the day because there really isn’t much new content on Cable or Dish anymore… If …

                  How To Compile a Collection of TV Shows and Movies for Free

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                    Gone are the days of the VCR where you could put in a tape and record your favorite TV show or Movie and watch it later… or maybe not.

                    Today with the technology of Television and Movies moving towards online services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon many homes are upgrading their televisions and home networks to play on demand television and movies.

                    Unfortunately with that comes a cost. You have the initial first cost of …

                    How To Watch The Super Bowl in HDTV For Free

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                      If you love sports you are probably planning to watch the Super Bowl next month but if you have a basic Cable TV Package you most likely don’t get HD Channels. Even if you do have an HD Package from your Cable Provider or on a Dish Subscription that HD provided over their network is normally not full 1080p HD. It may be called 1080p but the compression that they use to get …