How To Cancel FIOS or Cable and Get the Best Internet Deal

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    A lot of people are canceling their TV and Phone Packages with their Phone and Cable Companies to save money and become a Cord Cutter but often when you try you get barraged by their sales force to retain your current package and sometimes they even try to upgrade you without you realizing you will pay more.

    Yes it is really pretty bad when you call up to cancel your basic package then they try …

    How To Overcome TV Signal Loss When You Need To Add a Splitter

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      Whether you are obtaining TV Signal from an Antenna, Dish or Cable TV connection its very likely that you will want to split that signal to feed more than one TV. The problem with Splitting the TV Signal to attach another Television is that each split will degrade the signal. This can end up being so bad that a very strong signal at your antenna won’t even sync with your TV Tuner.

      When considering your …

      How To Wire Your Home For A TV Antenna

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        Recently I was talking to a guy that is cutting the cord and he wants to install an antenna and use the existing Coax in his home that has been patched together by a few different Cable and Dish Companies.

        In his explanation there are four rooms in his home that he wants to hook to his TV Antenna. There are a Series of Splitters that have been installed along the lines to add additional …

        How To Convert TV and Movies to Reduce File Size but still keep Good Quality

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          Whether you are saving your own content, Ripping DVDs, Bluerays or like I do Recording TV Shows and Broadcast Movies you will want to save them for as long as possible. One of the problems you will have is the large file size of the Videos and how do you store them all.

          Storage is another topic but for best results you want to build or buy a NAS Network Accessible Storage System. It should …

          Comcast Announces 2 Gigabit Service but the cost is INSANE

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            If you are a power internet user and love to stream HD TV to all of the TVs in your house at the same time you are downloading huge amounts of software then a Two Gigabit connection might be just what you need.

            First lets put this in perspective… Comcast’s lowest priced plan of 3mbit down costs you $30 a month if you buy a mid level TV package or $40 a month if you …

            How To Record Multiple TV Shows At The Same Time With Your Computer DVR

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              Many people are moving to Cutting The Cord with their Cable TV company but before you do I wanted to talk about ways that you can supplement your entertainment resources by recording Movies and TV Shows on your computer.

              In other How Tos we have talked about setting up a TV Tuner to capture Television Programming. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a single tuner PCIe Card or USB Tuner and use …

              How To Prepare For 4K TV Standards In Your Home Media Center

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                Recently I was having a discussion about the new video standards that increase the quality of video so it can be displayed on very large LCD TVs. The newest standard is 4k video and if you are looking at a TV that supports it you will understand there is a cost involved for being the first on your street to buy into it.

                You should also understand that these standards change fast and sometimes a …

                How To Turn your TV into a Computer Less Than $100

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                  The price of computers for the family can be pretty difficult to afford but one of the great things about everyone moving to Streaming Content from providers like Netflix Hulu and Amazon Prime is that the developers of the products are introducing some pretty impressive hardware in a very small package.

                  So here is the situation Maybe you have a family computer or laptop and your kids share it. Or maybe everyone is sharing including …

                  How To Find Out What Antenna TV Is Available In Your Area And What Antenna You Need

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                    A friend of mine was asking me about helping his daughter get Over The Air TV at her home because she needs to save money on her cable bill which is over $100 now.

                    He told me that she will be canceling her TV subscription and going with just basic Internet and would like to see if she can get some local stations to supplement her Netflix account.

                    The first thing I told him was that …

                    How To Channel Master DVR for OTA Antenna TV

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                      If you are thinking of cutting the cord and moving to Antenna based TV for most of your viewing pleasure then one of the things you might really miss is the ability to record your favorite episodes for later viewing.

                      And thats the one thing about Antenna TV there are still a number of good shows that you want to watch. Many people will watch Prime Time shows on the big OTA networks and then …