How To – Kitchen Under Cabinet Countertop Lighting

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    When you are preparing food in your kitchen ambient light from ceiling fixtures is often obscured by upper cabinets. In this case you can find yourself cutting vegetables or doing other tasks in a shadow which can often be frustrating or dangerous.

    Adding under cabinet lighting is a relatively easy process if you have access to electric but even if you don’t there are some lights that run off of battery voltage.

    Most kitchens will have …

    How To – Understanding Light Bulb Color Hues Vs Natural Light

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      The color of Natural Sunlight is always best for your health not only does it provide a spectrum of light where it is easier to read and see things it can also effect your psychological wellness.

      We have all come across this before after spending many hours at work or school in rooms that seem to be well lit you get outside on a bright sunny day and it feels refreshing. Your eyes begin to …

      How To – Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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        As the Holiday season approaches quickly most of us will want to decorate our homes with outdoor lighting. This HowTo will cover some of your options and some safety tips that will keep your holiday happy.

        First and most important is that you always look for an outdoor UL rating on any outside light that you install. This is true for holiday lights or basic landscape lights. Testing by …

        Guide to Compact Fluorescent Lights

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          Compact Fluorescent lights can save you money and allow you to improve your lighting conditions at the same time.

          Each bulb that¬†you replace¬†will save you $5 or more a year on your electric bills and will basically pay for themselves in under a year. They also last much longer then regular lights … up to 10 years in some cases. The rating of $5 per bulb is based on …