How To – Compact Florescent Bulbs Quick Use Guide

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    Here are some tips to using CFL Bulbs in your home.

    Can I use a a CFL Bulb in Fixtures with Dimmer Switches?

    Yes you can. But you need to purchase CFL Bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Not all bulbs can be dimmed.

    Can I use a CFL Bulb in my lamp with a 3 Way Adjustment?

    Yes you can use standard CFL Bulbs in your 3way lamp and have one level of brightness on the lamps middle setting or you can purchase special 3way bulbs that give you different levels of brightness.

    Can I use a CFL Bulb Outside?

    Many CFL Bulbs can be used outside if they are enclosed. Decorative lighting on the side of your home is one such situation. To be certian that the bulb will work best for you read its directions for Outdoor use and also the minimum temperature that the bulb will work best. Under about 50F you will have issues when the bulb is first turned on. At very low temperatures you may not be able to use the bulb for standard use unless it is outdoor rated.

    Will CFL Bulbs Really reduce my Electric Bill?

    Most CFL Bulbs will give the same amount of light as a standard incandescent bulb for about 10% of the Cost in Electricity.

    Since most homes use about 20% of their monthly bill for Lighting it is possible to reduce the cost of your monthly electric bill by a fair amount. Your results will vary but a 10 to 15% reduction in your monthly bill could be seen if most of the lights in your home are not Florescent at this time and you replace most of your lights with CFL Bulbs.

    Since Many homes light their Kitchen’s, Garages and Basements with Florescent lights already you may not see a dramatic change. If you also use can lights for dimming or continue to use incandescents in your bathroom or decorative lights your payback may be less.

    There are a number of styles available for CFL replacement of Incandescent Lights however you may find other choices are your best options in limited use.




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