How To – Space Heaters For Home And Garage

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    Space heating today is used primarily to add supplemental heat in areas of our home that are under served. This could be a cold basement or if you conserve energy you may find heating just a couple rooms can save you money.  However space heating can also be used in areas that are not normally heated like your garage or an out building such as a small barn.

    Where ever you are you want to be comfortable …

    HowTo – Proper Storage Of Gasoline For Lawnmowers & Power Tools

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      At the time of writing this HowTo we are now in Spring and entering into Summer but year round we may have reason to store Gasoline in our Garages and Sheds for use in lawnmowers, weed wackers other garden tools and in the winter we should have a supply ready for use in our gasoline powered snow blowers.

      The first thing you should understand after knowing that Gasoline can cause fires is that storing gasoline …

      How To – Sealing Stabilized Concrete Cracks With Epoxy

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        There are many areas around your home where concrete products are used and during settling of your home you are likely to end up with cracks that are not structural but should be addressed.

        Cracks in foundation walls and slabs are known to allow water infiltration during heavy storms and cracks in your garage slab are unsightly and may result in additional problems.

        Filling cracks is a difficult task because you need to apply epoxy throughout …

        Buying Guide – Air Compressor Hoses And Adapters

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          Well you just purchased your Air Compressor and new Tool Set and maybe your manufacturer was nice enough to include a basic hose and a few adapters to get you started but there are a number of features that you should consider to get the most out of your tools.

          For most non-commercial applications when buying hoses you will be looking at a range from 1/4″ at the small end to 1″ at the very …

          How To – Choosing And Installing Garage Shelves

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            Storage is an important part of any Garage or Workshop and there are many options available to you from ones you make yourself to professional grade solutions that are suited for specific tasks.

            If you are outfitting your garage for storage you might find yourself in a predicament of how much money should you spend. This is a problem as professional tool boxes can run into the thousands of dollars. The important thing to …

            Garage Doors & Openers Manufacturers

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              Garage Doors & Openers

              C.H.I. Overhead Doors
              1485 Sunrise Drive
              Arthur, IL 61911
              V: 800-677-2650

              Summit Door Inc.
              1233 Enterprise Ct.
              Corona, CA 92882-7126
              V: 951-272-6633