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How To – Leaf Blower Buying and Use Guide

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    Leaf blowers are great tools in your garden and can really help you reduce the time needed to clean up around your yard from Spring to Fall.

    Although they are great for their named use .. collecting leafs in your yard . most home owners like to use them to blow grass debris after cutting their lawn and general cleanup of dirt or other debris on patios, sidewalks and driveways.

    There are a variety of different …

    How To – Mowing Your Lawn and Getting that Professional Look

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      Other then the color of your house the size of your lawn and if it is maintained properly really has impact on how your property looks. With just a few tips you can get your lawn looking like you pay hundreds of dollars a month and it will only take you a couple hours a week if that.

      The most important thing that you have to remember when taking care of your lawn is that …

      How To – What To Expect From Lawn Care Fertilizer Companies

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        Every Spring or for that matter throughout the summer and fall you are likely to get a visit from your local lawn care company. Although many full service companies that also cut your grass can perform fertilizing and weed maintenance there are a number of specialty companies that will tell you they can restore your lawn and get rid of your weeds if you sign up for their year long maintenance program.

        Although there are …

        Buying Guide – Riding Lawn Mowers Models And Accessories

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          If you have a relatively large lawn to cut then you are probably thinking about purchasing a Riding Lawn Tractor.

          When choosing a Lawn Tractor you should decide up front what jobs you expect it to perform and take into account the terrain of your yard and obstacles you will need to get around.

          As for the basic shape of riding mowers you will find a high profile version that can perform many duties other then just cutting your grass and a …

          How To – Building A Solar Lawn Mower

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            We came across this website with a howto by Jeremy James at Humboldt State University on how to build a solar lawn mower.

            We thought this project was kind of interesting because it was someone taking a stab at alternative fuels in their own life. In the past we have seen people trying to build portable generators from gas powered lawn mowers by mounting a car alternator and inverter on them which …

            Watering your lawn and garden

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              There are many watering devices that can help you maintain your plants but there are also many ways to reduce your water usage.

              Depending on where you live and how you get your water the amount you use could add up costing you a lot of money by the end of the growing season.

              Proper care in design and plant choice will lower your water costs but also the time you …

              Buying Guide – Hand Held Leaf Blower / Vacuums With Mulch Option

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                Recently improvements in leaf blowers that have a vacuum attachment can reduce the amount of resulting waste in your garden.

                The Leaf Blowers are pretty much the same as they always have been with one important improvement.
                Impeller Design for Mulching
                Probably through customer complaints manufacturers of leaf blowers that also had a vacuum attachment found that the impeller or blades in the unit would break quickly if made of plastic.

                When they reverted to metal they found …

                HowTo – When Is The Best Time To Plant Grass Seed Spring Or Fall?

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                  There will always be debate about when is the best time to perform work in your yard and this includes the right time for planting grass.

                  The answer is really not that difficult if you take a few seconds to think about it. But there are many factors that you should consider and choosing the exact best time may not be best for your yard.

                  Fall is a time when all of your plants go dormant. …

                  Google Is Mowing Their Grass With Goats

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                    In an effort to reduce their use of gasoline to mow the fields around their buildings google has decided to bring in a herd of 200 goats every few weeks and let them eat the grass.

                    Unfortunately the cost is close to the same, something that could be done away with if they reduced the number of goats and made them permanent employees but the idea is simple.

                    Many Internet tech companies are at the leading …

                    How To – Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Are They Right For You?

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                      If you are looking for a new lawn mower you are likely to come across models that have a Self Propelled option.

                      For the most part Self Propelled lawn mowers look very similar to standard push mowers however a few things you might notice is that the handle bar where you push the mower will have an extra bar you must squeeze closed for the drive wheels to engage and you are likely to have …