DoubleCAD Offering Free Online Training Webcasts

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    IMSI Makers of DoubleCad and other Cad Software applications will be offering free training throughout the month of July.

    The program that started in June offered 2 classes and this month they are expecting to offer about 6 more live sessions.

    DoubleCAD is a free and paid Cad Program that has many of the features found in highend Cad Systems like AutoCad but at the cost of FREE it is one of the best deals out there.  With a simple upgrade you get more tools and features then you will probably ever need.

    Actually don’t tell them this but the free version is more then enough to layout submittable plans for any building.

    So if you have a slow night this summer and want to brushup or learn some new CAD Skills jump over and signup for a free training class and download DoubleCad and give it a try.

    If you miss a class you should be able to watch it later.

    This link should get you there. If not look under support WebCasts.

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