How To – Removing Moss From Outdoor Surfaces Roofs, Walls, Walkways

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    The type of moss found around your home will most likely be different then that found in other areas of the country but they all have similar properties.

    Moss is a small plant that grows without without flowers or seed. They are found in moist shady areas and there are approximately 12,000 species of moss. Moss grows in clumps and mats. It can be found growing on the ground on vertical surfaces and it can grow on any material.

    The likelihood that your home will have a moss problem is pretty high unless you live in a very arid location however the cure and prevention of moss is not always a very physical chore.

    If you have a large amount of moss growing in thick clumps you can remove most of it mechanically either with a rake if it is on the ground or with a pressure washer. The longer moss is allowed to grow the more hands on you will need to get with it.

    Mechanical methods work well on pathways, stone or brick and other surfaces that can withstand this process of removal.

    If you have moss growing on your roof it is not a good idea to use mechanical methods that may destroy your shingles or remove the granulated coating. You should also be careful around any wood moldings, decks or any place where aggressive scrubbing could be as bad as the moss that is growing in that area.

    For light moss growth or in areas where mechanical methods can cause harm you can use a variety of different chemicals to remove the moss. Once the moss is dead it will break down and then can be removed with less harsh mechanical methods or it will simply wash away as in the case of a roof where rain will take care of much of the work.

    Smaller areas can be treated with bleach. Bleach is often the cheapest and easiest product to use for many mold, moss and stains.

    Commercial cleaners can be found in bottles that connect to your garden hose or bulk chemicals that you can use in your sprayer.

    For very large areas you can use granules.  This may be appropriate for walk ways and paths or any area where extended protection is necessary.

    If you have a Moss Problem you may need to think about thinning your trees or removing a few to get more light into your yard.

    The growth of moss may also be an indicator that mold could be present. They tend to like the same moist conditions and treatment through prevention is the best method.

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