How To – Checkup Checklist for Heating Systems

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    Whether you have oil or gas heat you should inspect your systems at least once a year to make sure they are in proper working condition.

    Many oil heating companies will offer a cleaning service and perform the work in the summer to offset labor times that are normally Oil and Emergency calls in the winter.

    The following checklist can be performed by a technician or you if you feel you are capable.

    Cleaning of furnaces and chimneys is normally performed by a technician because you need to disassemble a number of items and it is dirty work. It is normally worth the cost to have your oil heater and chimney cleaned professionally.

    Gas Heaters normally do not need internal cleaning and the vent pipes for new systems are PVC pipe while older systems may require an insulated pipe that is vented outside your home.

    Whichever type of system you have this checklist should be a starting place and additional service may be recommended by your manufacturer.

    Checkup Checklist for Heating Systems

    • Clean and check gas burners
    • Check pilot light
    • Clean and check pilot tube
    • Check flue baffle
    • Set manifold gas pressure
    • Check gas input
    • Set burner air adjustment
    • Check fan belts, replace as needed
    • Inspect gas valve
    • Check thermocouple, replace as needed
    • Check spark igniter
    • Inspect and clean combustion chamber
    • Check temperature rise
    • Check blower motor and bearings
    • Lubricate blower and bearings
    • Check wiring assembly
    • Check air filters
    • Check all electrical connections
    • Check flue and venting
    • Check fan and limit control
    • Check heat anticipator
    • Check thermostat operation
    • Check voltage and amperage
    • Check interlock switch
    • Check and set igniter gap
    • Brush and vacuum heat exchanger
    • Check oil circulator – boiler only
    • Drain expansion tank – boiler only
    • Replace oil filter – oil only
    • Check oil pump pressure – oil only
    • Clean and replace nozzle – oil only
    • Check and adjust electrodes – oil only
    • Remove brush and vacuum flue assembly – oil only
    • Check CAD cell and clean CAD cell eye – oil only
    • Check safety controls
    • Perform final operations check

    If you can obtain a service manual for your heater and any accessories that make up your total system then review the instructions on service times and what steps need to be taken by you or a professional.







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