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Remember To Take Your Tax Refunds For Home Improvements

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    Well if you haven’t started yet now is about the time you should think about collecting all of your forms and preparing your taxes. One good thing you may not have realized is there are a lot of home improvement incentives that can reduce your taxes.

    Under the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 tax incentives are available for those who made energy efficient upgrades to their homes through December 31, 2010.

    And …

    How To – Proper Storage Of Fireplace Wood

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      Putting up wood for your fireplace or wood stove can be a lot of work especially if you cut the trees, make the rounds and split the logs yourself. Once you have completed your work in late summer and fall it is important to store your wood properly to not attract pests and to allow your wood to dry or stay dry for use.

      When selecting your wood it is best to pick trees that …

      How To – How Often Should You Clean Your Fireplace

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        Cleaning your fireplace is not the funnest job around your home but it is something that you need to do once a year or even more often if you rely on your fireplace as your main source of heat.

        There are three places that you need to watch for ash and creosote buildup. Your fireplace box will be the primary place that ash will buildup and you should make sure that you clean the box …

        How To – Curing Musty Or Moldy Smells In HVAC Heating Systems

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          If you have a musty or moldy smell coming from your home’s forced hot air system that doesn’t seem to go away it is important that you take the time to inspect your heating system and cure the problem.

          Mold that builds up in your heating system is due to dampness. All of the surfaces in your home and outside your home are covered with small amounts of bacteria. Normally this bacteria is not a …

          How To – Maintaining Healthy Home Humidity Levels In Winter Months

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            Do you find your skin is dry, you are coughing more and you are experiencing flu like symptoms. Yes you should probably visit your doctor but you may also be suffering from low humidity levels in your home.

            In the summer feeling the effects of high humidity levels during heat warnings where combined temperatures and humidity levels make air conditioning a necessity is something you can directly relate to your health but controlling humidity in …

            How To – Installing Gas Fireplace Blower Kits & Maintenance

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              Although many homes now have the option for a Gas Fireplace that can be mounted in many more locations then a standard wood burning fireplace without a good blower kit you may find your beautiful fireplace is nothing more then decorative.

              A Fireplace Blower kit adds a specialized fan that is thermostatically controlled to distribute the heat from behind your glass fireplace shield into the rest of the room and your house.

              Many fireplaces come with …

              How To – Adjusting Your Ceiling Fan To Keep Warm In The Winter

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                Ceiling fans are a part of many home cooling systems. In the spring, summer and fall they can provide additional cooling and reduce the need to use air conditioning systems. They can also be used in the winter months to force hot air down from your ceilings and provide better circulation of heated air throughout your home.

                The use of ceiling fans to improve the flow of warm air must be tested and you may …

                How To – Proper use of Kerosene Heaters

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                  Kerosene heaters have been around for many years and they have also caused serious problems when people don’t use them correctly. This is an important thing to talk about because even though there are millions of units in use there are also hundreds if not thousands of fires every year due to improper use or use of heaters that need repair or replacement.

                  The first and most important thing you …

                  How To – Why Is One Of My Rooms Always Cold? Gas Heat

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                    There always seems to be one room in your home that is colder then the others and in the summer that same room seems to be the hottest.  In this HowTo we will look at some of the cures for improperly balanced heating systems along with other problems that can cause this uncomfortable situation.

                    Gas forced hot air systems have been around for decades and they are used in residential and commercial buildings to provide …

                    Home Warranty Insurance Is It Worth The Money?

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                      Today it seems every company you deal with wants to sell you some type of insurance for your car, computer, electronics and home.

                      When you purchased your home or when it was built new the builder most likely provided a free workmanship guaranty that also covered replacement of defective materials for the first couple years.  Some items such as foundations or framing may be covered for up to 10 years and many of the individual …