How To – Checkup Checklist for Cooling & Heat Pumps Systems

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    Heat Pump systems can provide a home’s full heating needs or act as a primary source of heating and when paired with the correct unit it can also act as an air conditioning system in the summer months.

    Independent Air Conditioning systems are similar to heat pumps but only provide cooling in the summer months.

    Each of these systems need specialized service at scheduled times. Some of the work you can perform on your own while other service must be performed by a qualified technician.

    Normally the parts of your system are sealed and not serviceable such as pumps and fan motors however it is possible for a home owner to replace and repair many of the items or even install the main parts of a system then have a professional fill it with a freon alternative and test the system.

    The following checklist should be a starting point.

    Your manufacturer should provide a service manual online that describes how to perform most of the work and what parts need to be checked on a regular basis.

    Checkup Checklist for Heat Pump and Cooling Systems

    • Check expansion valve
    • Inspect and clean evaporator drain, install blowout tee as needed
    • Check humidifier dampers
    • Check thermostat operation
    • Check thermostat selector
    • Check circuit breakers/fuses – outside
    • Check temperature rise/drop across coils
    • Check condenser coil (chemical cleaning extra)
    • Check fins on outside unit
    • Check and oil condenser fan motor
    • Check voltage and amperage
    • Check fan blades for tightness
    • Check start, run relays and connections
    • Check wiring assembly
    • Check all electrical connections & components
    • Check head pressure & components
    • Check freon lines
    • Check all air handler control components
    • Check and oil blower motor
    • Check operating pressure
    • Check auxiliary heat – heat pump only
    • Check reversing valve – heat pump only
    • Check crankcase heater – heat pump only
    • Check defrost operation – heat pump only
    • Check condition of accumulator – heat pump / air conditioning
    • Check superheat for fixed orifice systems
    • Check subcooling for TXV systems
    • Check air filters
    • Check safety controls
    • Perform final operation check

    Remember each unit will have its own parts that need to be checked but as a group most of the parts are very similar. Check with your service manual for any specific steps needed and never try to refill your system with freon unless you have a license.


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