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How To – Repairing Water Heater Leaks

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    Even well performing water heaters can have leaks this is one reason that you should perform inspections of your water heater at minimum every six months.

    A leaking water heater can be very unsettling because the first thing that enters your mind is the expense to replace the tank.

    Not only that but because the weight of even an empty tank means its a two person job along with the cost to have your trash man …

    How To – Space Heaters For Home And Garage

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      Space heating today is used primarily to add supplemental heat in areas of our home that are under served. This could be a cold basement or if you conserve energy you may find heating just a couple rooms can save you money.  However space heating can also be used in areas that are not normally heated like your garage or an out building such as a small barn.

      Where ever you are you want to be comfortable …

      How To – Checking And Replacing Your Water Heater Thermocouple

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        Your water heater’s Thermocouple is used as a safety device to shut off your gas flow if your pilot light is not working.

        The Thermocouple looks like a probe  and because of its design there are no repairable parts.

        When the end of the thermocouple is heated to a certain temperature the metal switch inside will allow voltage to flow back to your gas valve.  If no heat is present then it will restrict electricity from reaching the gas valve and shut down gas supply to your heater.

        If the device is installed correctly and has good connections then it should either work or not work.

        How To – Home Safety Detecting Natural Gas Leaks

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          Natural and other combustible gasses in your home are often a necessity but using them safely requires both knowledge and care.

          Natural Gas is delivered to our homes through underground pipelines that run across our country and branch feeders that traverse many of our local streets. Propane gas is delivered to our homes by trucks and stored in large steel containers.

          Both of these energy sources are very close in their makeup so close that manufacturers …

          How To – Money Saving Tips For Electric Baseboad Heaters

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            Search : Fahrenheat Electric Baseboard Heater - 1000 Watt; 48in. width, Model# F2544Depending on where you live electric baseboard heaters can either be your primary or secondary heating source.  Heating with electric can be expensive and is often higher then the cost of oil or gas in either forced hot air systems or baseboard hot water delivery systems.

            The people that benefit the most from their use are in homes located in the southern part of …

            HowTo – HVAC Filters For People With Allergies

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              Forced air HVAC systems are inherently dirty when compared with baseboard heaters because air is circulated throughout the home. Additionally any allergens or viruses will be spread from room to room.

              So what can you do to reduce the health concerns?

              With the proper use of filters you should be able to reduce the particulate matter that can cause normal irritation and with a UV Light filter you should be able to kill bacteria and viruses …

              How To – Corn and Pellet Stoves

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                Wood Burning for Heating is the Number One Alternative Energy Resource in the USA. It far outweighs any other fuel source with over 60% of the market. Solar, wind, geothermal are all less then 5% of the alternative energy market so when you look at fireplaces and wood burning you should remember they are green resources of renewable energy.

                Today you can still purchase wood burning stoves that look …

                Absorptive Chillers Cooling Without Electric

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                  The absorptive chiller processing has been used for many years but will it become the solution for cooling in the future?

                  Every Summer we hear brownout or black out warnings from our power companies durring peak energy usage but can some simple technology with little or no moving parts reduce our dependency on large amounts of electricity to cool our homes, businesses and schools?

                  Proving the point for over 15 …

                  How To – Fall Heating System Checkup

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                    Every year in the fall before you need your furnace for heating you should turn it on and make sure it is running in good working order.

                    Performing an early Fall Checkup not only provides you with peace of mind that your heater will work on that first cold night but it will also improve its efficiency saving you money.

                    Depending on your fuel type Gas or Oil you will want …

                    How To – Air Conditioning Maintenance

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                      Proper care and use of your homes air conditioner can save you money and provide better comfort.

                      Most homes will have either an in window unit for serving a single room or a whole home unit that is connected to the HVAC forced air system. Both types work in similar ways although whole home units place the compressor and condenser outside the home in a small box like enclosure.

                      Although …