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How To – Replacing The Drive Belt On Your Push Assist Lawnmower

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    If your lawn is too small to justify a riding lawn mower but too large to use a manual push mower then your best option is a Push Assist Lawnmower that will help you get around your yard without the need to push a heavy mower.

    When they work right a Push Assist Lawnmower will carry all the weight of the mower and a full bag of clippings or leaves. All you need to do …

    How To – Garden Tillers and Buying vs Renting

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      Depending on the size of your garden the amount of time it takes to prepare your soil for this years crops can take a few hours or a few days.  Lets face it although we love our gardens as we get older we neither have the time or strength necessary to do it all by hand. At some point the cost of a $2 bag of frozen vegetables looks much more attractive then maintaining …

      How To – Leaf Blower Buying and Use Guide

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        Leaf blowers are great tools in your garden and can really help you reduce the time needed to clean up around your yard from Spring to Fall.

        Although they are great for their named use .. collecting leafs in your yard . most home owners like to use them to blow grass debris after cutting their lawn and general cleanup of dirt or other debris on patios, sidewalks and driveways.

        There are a variety of different …

        How To – Caring for your Garden Tiller

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          Care for a garden tiller is about the same as for a gasoline operated lawn mower.

          Your manual should provide you specific instructions for maintenance but the following should apply.

          Clean the mud off your tiller after every use.

          Always inspect the tiller tines before you operate the tiller for looseness or damage.

          If you strike a rock or object with your tiller you should inspect the tines for damage.

          Store the tiller in a dry warm place like …

          How To – Tool Guide Types of Garden Tillers

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            Types of Garden Tillers
            There are three different types of medium sized garden tillers and the differences are where the tilling tines are located.

            Front and Mid Tine garden tillers normally have the shallowest depths while the mid or center tine tillers tend to be easier to handle.

            Rear Tine garden tillers have the deepest reach into the soil but they are also difficult to handle and require more strength.


            Gasoline or Electric Garden Tillers

            Electric tillers that are …

            How To – Removing Rust from Tools and Keeping them Rust Free

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              Every mechanic and tradesman has had to deal with rust on their tools. Often it happens from leaving them out at night or not cleaning them before you put them away.

              Depending on the tool you might actually ruin it past repair if it gets rusty. If you leave any precision tool like a torque wrench or micrometer out without cleaning it or place it in a tool box that has moisture in it you …

              How To – Building A Professional Mechanics Tool Set

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                The old saying that you need the right tool for the job has some truth to it. Whether you are a Mechanic starting out your career or a high end hobbyist that thinks its better to put labor charges into tools and do the job yourself you have probably already found out the hard way that some tools are better then others.

                I say you probably found out the hard way because like most people …

                Tool Guide – Non-contact Electrical Voltage Testers

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                  Voltage testers that are used for your home’s electrical wiring have lower requirements then those used to diagnose your cars charging system or other electronic devices.

                  For the most part electrical testers for 110 to 220 volt AC will test for the presence of current at a location. They are usually used to diagnose if there is a fault between the circuit breaker and the outlet or appliance, a mismatch in the wiring of a …

                  Understanding Rechargeable Battery Choices NiCad NiMH Li-Ion

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                    Battery technology is changing every day and this is a good thing for consumers. Rechargeable Batteries can be found in everything from electronics, tools and even cars but when choosing a product how do you know which battery will give you the best performance at a decent price.

                    For consumers there are two types of batteries that you will come into contact with: OEM Manufacturer Batteries that are sealed special batteries only fitting …

                    Buying Guide – Riding Lawn Mowers Models And Accessories

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                      If you have a relatively large lawn to cut then you are probably thinking about purchasing a Riding Lawn Tractor.

                      When choosing a Lawn Tractor you should decide up front what jobs you expect it to perform and take into account the terrain of your yard and obstacles you will need to get around.

                      As for the basic shape of riding mowers you will find a high profile version that can perform many duties other then just cutting your grass and a …