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How To – Preparing Your Tools For Winter

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    Well summer is over and although there are still a few more weeks of warm weather its not a bad idea to take inventory and prepare for winter now.

    Having tools that you can depend on in temperatures below freezing is important. Not only will it make life easier if you take inventory now but in the next few weeks you are bound to find sales on items that you may need to purchase.

    Buying Guide – Air Compressor Hoses And Adapters

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      Well you just purchased your Air Compressor and new Tool Set and maybe your manufacturer was nice enough to include a basic hose and a few adapters to get you started but there are a number of features that you should consider to get the most out of your tools.

      For most non-commercial applications when buying hoses you will be looking at a range from 1/4″ at the small end to 1″ at the very …

      How To – Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Are They Right For You?

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        If you are looking for a new lawn mower you are likely to come across models that have a Self Propelled option.

        For the most part Self Propelled lawn mowers look very similar to standard push mowers however a few things you might notice is that the handle bar where you push the mower will have an extra bar you must squeeze closed for the drive wheels to engage and you are likely to have …

        HowTo – Choosing A Grass String Trimmer

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          Grass String Trimmers are useful for cleaning up the edges of your lawn and getting into areas that you can’t take your lawn mower. For most of us this is a one time purchase that should last you many years so how do you know what type is best for your home?

          Well first you should understand that every string trimmer uses a plastic / nylon type cord to cut the grass and weeds.  …

          How To – KwikSet SmartKey Locks And Tools

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            KwikSet recently came out with a new lock feature called the SmartKey.

            If your lock set has this feature it means re-keying the lock to work with different keys is now a matter of seconds instead of minutes and removal and disassembly of the door lock is no longer necessary in all cases.

            The process seems pretty straight forward.

            If you are knowledgeable about standard lock sets you know that the key you insert into your lock …

            How To – Bleeding Brakes And Tools Needed

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              When you are replacing or repairing your brakes it is important to bleed the air out of the system. Air is easily compressible compared to liquid brake fluid and if bubbles are trapped in your lines you will end up with a soft brake that won’t perform well. Also the air will get entrapped in the fluid and cause poor breaking once your brakes heat up.

              It is also important to change the fluid in …

              How To – Repairing Stripped Bolts And Threads

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                There are a number of times when working on your car or home that you end up messing up the threads on a bolt or spark plug or wind up with a nut that you strip the heck out of.

                So what can you do in this situation other then grab a beer and start crying …..

                Well in some cases you are going to endup replacing the item or bringing it to a machine shop …

                How To – Choosing A DC Power Inverter

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                  Power inverters can be used in many different applications to convert DC power to AC Current.

                  Smaller models up to 200 watts are often used in car cigarette lighters to give quick access for charging Cell Phones or running other small electronics.

                  Medium Sized inverters from 200 to 1000 watts maybe used for camping, on boats or in remote locations where a DC power source is available but AC is not.

                  Larger …

                  How To – Impact Rotary Hammers

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                    There are a variety of uses for Impact Rotary Hammers and to tackle those jobs you should understand the differences of different types of Rotary Hammers.

                    The first type is a standard Impact Hammer. This type of tool has no rotation but can be used for chipping and driving. If you are breaking up a small amount of concrete. Taking out an old wet bed mortar floor in a bathroom …

                    How To – Winterizing Your Gasoline Power Tools

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                      Its no secret that your Gas Powered tools are probably the most expensive tools you own so taking care of them will protect your investment for many years.

                      You should read the directions for each tool and follow any different recommendations that the manufacture suggests but for the most part there are a few simple steps you can take to store you tools over winter.

                      First you should empty any …