How To – Tool Guide Types of Garden Tillers

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    Types of Garden Tillers

    There are three different types of medium sized garden tillers and the differences are where the tilling tines are located.

    Front and Mid Tine garden tillers normally have the shallowest depths while the mid or center tine tillers tend to be easier to handle.

    Rear Tine garden tillers have the deepest reach into the soil but they are also difficult to handle and require more strength.


    Gasoline or Electric Garden Tillers

    Electric tillers that are battery operated or run off of an extension cord offer the least power and are not suitable for many gardeners. If you need a cultivator to clean up weeds between your plants this may be an option but the use of hand tools may be easier in the long run.

    Gasoline tillers come in a variety of types you can have the smaller tillers that are attached to a weed wacker, an independent gasoline tiller or one that is attached to your lawn tractor.

    For most gardens you want a gasoline operated independent tiller. You should also look for one that you can manage as they come in a range of horse power.

    Renting a model that is the same or similar to the one that you want to purchase is a good idea. You can also pickup garden tillers used for much less then their initial cost. You can look in your local paper, online or ask your local repair shop to notify you if they ever have a used model for a decent price.

    Honestly when picking a tool it must be something that gets the job done but it must also be useful for you

    If you find that an electric or battery operated garden tiller is what suits you best then that is the type you should get. If you find that you need a little more power but are not comfortable using a large gasoline tiller then you can always call a local contractor to come out and till your garden early in the spring and use hand tools for the rest of the season.

    You should never purchase any tool because it is bigger and costs more… that would be like driving a tractor trailer through New York City… sure you might make it through the city but you won’t be able to park it.

    So always remember buy the tool that suits you and if your neighbor says they love theirs … ask them to come over and till your garden and you will return the favor with lunch.

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