How To – Bathroom Remodeling how to stay within a Small Budget

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    Deciding if you should remodel your bathroom can come down to a few different factors.

    Do you need to remodel for function? This is often the case in older homes that have not seen upgrades for many years. You may also need to remodel your bathroom because your living needs have changed. This can happen when we get older or it could be because your family is getting larger. In either or any situation that requires remodeling for function the task is pretty much necessary.

    Do you want to upgrade your bathroom with new fixtures because the older ones are long outdated and although they function they often need repair or just don’t meet your needs. In this case upgrading is an option but probably a necessary one. You may want to replace toilets that use more water with efficient ones or install faucets that are easier to use.

    Do you simply want to make your bathroom look better? This is a completely optional remodel when all of your fixtures work well and are not outdated. You may want to completely gut your bathroom and redo it or you might be able to change a few items to give you a completely new feel.

    As you can see there are a few different reasons that you may want to remodel and some of them are out of necessity while others are for personal reasons. Which ever your reason one of the worst things is to get into a situation where you spending more money then needed.

    Should you remodel your bathroom yourself or hire a professional?

    This question will be the key to whether you spend a reasonable amount on your remodel or pay others for labor that will cost twice as much or more then the cost of the fixtures and materials you want to upgrade.

    If you need to make structural repairs to your bathroom then you may need a professional. In addition to structural repairs if you need to alter the location of outlets, lights and switches or move the plumbing within the walls or floor of your bathroom then you may need to hire a professional to perform some of the work.

    Remember that you can hire a contractor to do portions of the work without the need to hire out all of the work.

    If you are installing a cast iron bath tub it probably is a good idea to talk with a plumber and see if you can get a good price on the install. In addition to a standard plumber many retail supply centers .. the big box ones .. offer an install service.

    If you can do most of the work yourself then hire out the larger parts and do the rest of the work yourself.

    Pricing Fixtures for a Bathroom Remodeling Project

    In addition to labor costs which can cost you many times the cost of the materials you can also save large amounts of cash if you do a little shopping and don’t just buy what someone suggests you get.

    Bathroom fixtures come in a few different grades of quality and within those grades of quality are levels of cost.

    If you buy the cheapest pedestal sink for your bathroom you can probably get out of the store for about $5o total but a designer sink without base may cost you hundreds of dollars. In the end your hands get washed but you don’t want your cash going down the drain with the water…

    Now your taste or needs may dictate which sink you purchase but how and where you buy your fixture could mean saving enough to pay someone to install it. Ordering products online and having them delivered is really not much harder then going to the store and having them delivered.  In addition if you shop online you may find that you get free shipping and other discounts that you can not find in a store…

    The most impressive savings are when you find a national store BIG BOX SUPPLY CENTER .. in your area that also offers online purchasing.. I have found discounts that provide free shipping on orders over a base price along with discount coupons. On top of this you may find manufacturer rebates that you can submit for even more discounts.

    Saving money means.. you don’t simply walk into a store.. point at what you want and pull out your wallet..

    Being a smart shopper can easily save you 20% to even 50% for the exact same item that is delivered to your door.

    Final Note on Budgeting your Bathroom Remodeling Project

    Whether you shop online or in a store larger items that you purchase will need to be delivered unless you have a good truck or one you can borrow.

    The difference between online and in store delivery options is that in store delivery can be scheduled to a specific day so this may be an advantage so you can be at home to accept the delivery and ask the delivery people to place the item either in your garage or sometimes they will even put the item in the room where you want it but not attach it. You will need to ask your local store about their delivery options some deliver to your driveway however for appliances they normally even install them with their own crew.

    If you feel that you can remove most of the fixtures, tub, toilet, vanity and other items from your bathroom then this is really half the work of remodeling.

    Hire a professional to perform any work that needs permits and a qualified licensed contractor to perform.

    and the last thing must be your first thing…..

    Work the numbers as you price items… you should know how much each item costs, its part number and manufacturer and if you can save money by ordering it online from the same company… or a different company.

    Get all your numbers together before you begin your work and you will have a much better chance that you come out even or even save money over having a professional do all of the work for you.

    In our other howtos we will teach you how to budget and perform the work yourself.




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