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Hand held Hammers

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    Picking the right Hammer

    There are as many hammers out there as there are jobs to use them for. The one that you select should fit both the needs of the job you are performing and your body. Choosing a hammer that is too small will mean many extra blows are required to drive a nail and too heavy a hammer means that you may miss your target causing damage to the material you are working …

    Basic Tool Kit for Home Owners

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      If you are a new home owner or even an apartment dweller there will be times when making a repair yourself is so easy that spending money for a repairman is just a waste. But to do the job yourself you will need a few basic tools. Here we will cover the bare minimum tool kit that everyone should put together but its not like you have to run out and get everything all at once. When …

      Brad and Finish Nail Guns

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        Brad Nail Gun Smaller then their Framing Nailer counterparts Brad and Finish nail guns are used mostly by Finish Carpenters to install Moldings, Cabinets, Interior Doors and Build Decks.

        The size and amount of fasteners that you need to use will dictate whether you choose electric or pneumatic guns. Air Nailer are great when you know you need to use either a larger nail or a lot of nails in a short period …

        Pneumatic Framing Nail Guns

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          Framing Nail GunNail guns now come in as many varieties as manual hammers. In this HowTo we will cover how to select and use a framing nail gun.
          There are 3 basic factors in your choice of a nail gun.
          1) Will you use Full Round Head Nails or Clipped Head Nails

          Round Head Nails have a higher holding capacity then clipped head nails. For this …