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Choosing The Right Reciprocating Saw

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    The two main choices when selecting a Reciprocating Saw are corded or cordless.

    Do you go to your work or does your work come to you. If you are working in a scrap yard you may need to run all over to retrieve parts and a cordless model is what you need. If you are cutting catalytic converters off of cars that are on a lift before sending them …

    Drill Bits The Different Types And Uses

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      There are as many different types of drill bits as there are things you want to put holes in so choosing the right one can be difficult. Along with that comes price and how do you know when paying $50 or $200 for a single drill bit is worth the money.

      Well first you have to understand there are 2 basic grades of drill bits there are crappy ones …

      What Is A Hammer Drill And Why Do I Want One

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        There are a number of different drill type tools out on the market everything from the standard forward / reverse basic $15 drill to dedicated screw guns for drywall and deck screws so when you need a drill why is it better to go for a hammer drill?

        Hammer drills are basically what their name describes them as, they not only drill into …

        How To – Paint Tool Cleanup and Care

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          Whether you are painting your whole house or just doing some touch-ups it is important to take care of your painting tools so they will provide you with years of use.

          The most important thing and the easiest to understand when caring for any tool is that you never put your tools away dirty. The reason for this is that you never know when you will get back to …

          Understanding Automotive Sandpaper

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            Automotive sandpaper comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and grits to be used for specific applications in the refinishing process. Actually Automotive grade sandpaper is completely different then what you might be use to in wood working. Wood workers or general purpose sand paper may actually be made of sand particles that are roughly graded into course medium and fine ratings. The abrasive particles on automotive sandpaper …

            Sandblasting Metal – To Remove Rust or Paint

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              Lets start off and say sandblasting is a messy job. It can also be somewhat dangerous so when you attempt to remove rust or paint from metal you need to take some precautions.

              In this HowTo we will show you how to use a handheld sandblaster to remove rust from some tree climbing bucks. The same principles would …

              Shop For Products by Manufacturer

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                This List of Manufacturers is only a sample of the hundreds of companies that we carry in our online store. We are also happy to announce that we carry Factory Reconditioned and Remanufactured tools at huge discounts.

                Remember look for the Free Shipping Truck to get free shipping on orders over $25.

                2×4 Basics

                Choosing an Air Compressor

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                  Choosing an air compressor is not black art but often you can get lost in the features when making a choice. We will try to cover some of the important choices that you have and give you a better understanding of what an air compressor really does.

                  The most important thing when deciding which compressor is right for you is finding out if it will meet the minimum requirements of …

                  Pump Jack Scaffolds

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                    One of the most important tools for a Siding Mechanic or Painter is a Pump Jack Scaffold. If you have ever visited or passed by a construction site you have probably seen one of these systems attached to the side of a house.

                    There are three basic parts of a pump jack system.

                    The pole that the jack rides up and down on

                    The pump jack which is pumped with your …

                    Respirators and Dust Masks – Know the Difference

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                      How often do you see someone wearing a pair of gloves to protect their hands or steel toe boots to protect their feet but when it comes to working in dusty or toxic conditions they seem to think its ok to not wear lung protection.

                      As someone that use to paint Cars and Airplanes for a living I can’t tell you how many shops I have worked in or visited where employees think its not …