Block Planes

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    Hand Block Planes are a great way to remove an even amount material from the edges of doors, windows or other wood features around the house.

    When using a plane you should only remove material along the grain and not against it. If you must remove material against the grain then never run the plane off the end of the wood or you will risk splitting.

    To set the depth of the plane blade loosen the clamping screw and push the blade forwards or back within the opening.

    Make sure that the blade exposure is even across the opening.

    An angeled blade will take more material off one side then the other.

    Use long steady strokes and let the tool do the cutting don’t try to force it.

    Always inspect your wood before you use your plane. Look for any nails or screws. You should also use a scraper to remove any heavy paint buildup.

    Dull blades can be sharpened with a file and sharpening stone much like a knife. Use a file to remove any large chips and a sharpening stone will help with final preparation. Always match the original angle of the blade when sharpening.

    Use of a block plane is pretty straight forward but it will take a few tries to get the hang of it and understand how you should adjust your blade for best performance. It is best to practice on some scrap before you work on your project.

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