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My Tool Broke … What do I do now?

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    Hammer DrillHow often has it happened you drive 45 minutes to your customers location and the first hole you drill or board you cut something happens that kills your favorite tool.

    Everyone has been there, but what can you do to get your work done?

    Here are a few ideas that might help.

    First understand that every tool has a lifespan and one day or another there is going to be a need for Repair or Replacement.

    If you …

    Tool Review – Ridged SeeSnake Inspection Camera

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      Product:Ridged SeeSnake
      Function: Inspecting inside hard to get to Locations
      Quality: Very Good
      Features: Color LCD Camera
      Extension Cable upto 30 Feet
      Optional Pickup Tools
      Battery Operated
      The Ridged SeeSnake is a great inspection tool for many different trades.
      The tool is designed for remote use without the need for external power which means you can take it with you into crawl spaces, attics and other places where you need to get your work done and don’t want the hassle …

      How To – Organizing Your Hand Tools Upright Tool Box

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        Tool Chests are a great way to store and sort your hand tools and although they have been used by Automotive Mechanics for years they are finding their ways into home garages too.

        There are many options when purchasing a Tool Chest so you should look for one that meets your own needs.

        Models are available in many sizes and with special options. You can choose from a single piece tool chest or start off by …

        Tool Guide – Hand And Powered Tile Cutters

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          Whether you are installing a back splash surround or a new tile floor in your kitchen one of the most important jobs is cutting tiles to fit within the area you are working on.

          There are basically four grades of Tile Cutters. Hand Tools that can cut full tiles in half or on angles, Electric wet and dry diamond saws that can cut straight lines and in slightly intricate shapes, Gasoline or large tile saws that also can be used for …

          Brad Nailer Shootout – Three 2 inch guns meet the test

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            In our tests we were able to get our hands on three different brands of brad nailers.
            Each manufacturer put up a good fight and the results were very close but as you will see the differences in features picked our winner.
            So lets get started who is in our showdown

            First we have the Bostitch bt200k
            Second comes the Hitachi NT50ae2
            Third is the Dewalt D51238k

            How our tests were made
            Each product was examined at the same …

            Types of Caulk and how to use them

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              Although some people think that a roll of Duct Tape and a Tube of Caulk is all that is needed to repair most things around the home there are a variety of different caulks that can be used for hundreds of different projects. Selecting the right one for the job is as important as deciding to use it at all so lets go over some of the different types of Caulk and when and where they are best used.

              Acrylic Latex Caulkis …

              Buying Guide – Pressure Washers And Attachments

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                There are a number of projects around your home where a small or even large sized pressure washer can be a real help or for all practical reasons required. This buying guide will cover some of the different sizes of pressure washers and some of the attachments that can be used for your projects.
                What size is right for you?
                You should purchase a pressure washer that meets 70% of your job tasks with ease and …

                HowTo – Proper Storage Of Gasoline For Lawnmowers & Power Tools

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                  At the time of writing this HowTo we are now in Spring and entering into Summer but year round we may have reason to store Gasoline in our Garages and Sheds for use in lawnmowers, weed wackers other garden tools and in the winter we should have a supply ready for use in our gasoline powered snow blowers.

                  The first thing you should understand after knowing that Gasoline can cause fires is that storing gasoline …

                  Buying Guide – Hand Held Leaf Blower / Vacuums With Mulch Option

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                    Recently improvements in leaf blowers that have a vacuum attachment can reduce the amount of resulting waste in your garden.

                    The Leaf Blowers are pretty much the same as they always have been with one important improvement.
                    Impeller Design for Mulching
                    Probably through customer complaints manufacturers of leaf blowers that also had a vacuum attachment found that the impeller or blades in the unit would break quickly if made of plastic.

                    When they reverted to metal they found …

                    Buying Guide – Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

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                      There are many times around your home or garage when taking temperatures of an item without getting close to it or using a direct contact thermometer is necessary.

                      Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers try to perform this tasks. Somewhere between a thermal imager and a contact thermometer these non-contact thermometers take samples of heat signatures at a distance of one to three feet and approximate the actual heat of the object based on its signature.

                      The closer you …