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How To – Low Voltage Exterior Lighting Options For The Holidays

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    The Fall season means you will be preparing for a number of coming holidays. With the holidays come visitors and you may want to decorate the exterior of your home to make it more inviting or you may just want to provide some extra light outside of your home so guests that arrive after dark won’t be tripping on the way to your door.

    The benefit of low voltage lighting is that you normally can …

    How To – Can You Install Your Own Solar Power System?

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      One of the larger costs in adding Solar Power to your home is the cost of labor.

      Although the process of installing Solar Panels is pretty simple and requires only basic Tools and Skills connecting any electrical generator to your home or modifying loads on your roof will require inspections and other steps that get in the way more then anything else.

      So, is it possible to do all the work yourself or do you definitely …

      How To – Solar Generators How Much Electricity Can They Produce

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        There has been a lot of talk about Solar Generators lately so lets take a look at what they are and how you can benefit from one.

        Solar Generators are prepackaged kits that include a Solar Panel, 12volt to 115volt inverter and a battery for storage. These small kits come with one to four solar panels and a total rating of 60 to 400 watts of output.

        The average 100 watt panel with inverter and battery …

        How To – Adding Circuit Breakers To Your Electrical Service Box

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          Whether you are installing a home alarm system or running a dedicated line to your new window air conditioner there are times when you will need to add a circuit to your home and that means you will also need to install a breaker in your service box.

          Although this is something that  a knowledgeable home owner probably can accomplish on their own you should understand that an electrical inspection will most likely be needed …

          How To – Test Maintain And Replace Your Fire Alarm System

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            Like any other device in your home your Fire or Smoke Alarm System need proper maintenance and testing to work at its best. The fact is most of us never think of our fire alarms unless the little light goes off or it starts beeping to tell us we have forgot to change the batteries.

            In this howto we will look at some of the things you should do to maintain your fire alarm system …

            How To – Replacing Electrical Receptacles

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              There are a number of reasons for replacing an electrical receptacle or more commonly referred to as an outlet and with proper care most home owners can accomplish this job in about 20 minutes with just a few simple tools.

              The first thing you must do when working with any wall mount electrical box whether it is a switch or outlet is making sure that the power to the box has been turned off. Since …

              How To – Understanding When An Electrical Permit Is Necessary

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                http://www.yourepair.com/yrblog/wp-content/HLIC/e4eb74cb6931d23abf8b904fc73d3dff.jpgFirst off this is not a legal guide and remember that every locality is different. Even if you moved 50 miles within the same state you may find that rules are very different based on State, County, City Permit rules. The only way to know exactly when or why a Permit is required is to call the Building Official for your specific location and ask to speak to the office that performs electrical inspections.

                So, …

                How To – Full Sized LED Light Bulbs Can They Replace Regular Bulbs?

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                  As you probably know the standard incandescent light bulb that most of us grew up using has now been phased out by the EPA and most homes have started replacing their lighting with more efficient compact florescent bulbs.

                  Unfortunately there are a number of drawbacks with compact florescent designs.

                  The first problem most of us find is the ability to dim the bulb. Florescent bulbs can be dimmed but the cost of building a dimmable bulb …

                  How To – Extending A Garage Light Circuit To Add A Garage Door Opener

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                    This is a pretty specific HowTo that I hope will help some home owners that are faced with adding an outlet for their Garage Door Opener when a feed from the nearest closest outlet is obstructed.

                    I came across this problem when a neighbor asked to borrow a pair of needle nosed pliers because he was having another neighbor add two outlets in his garage and they couldn’t get the twist on the wire tight …

                    Tool Guide – Non-contact Electrical Voltage Testers

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                      Voltage testers that are used for your home’s electrical wiring have lower requirements then those used to diagnose your cars charging system or other electronic devices.

                      For the most part electrical testers for 110 to 220 volt AC will test for the presence of current at a location. They are usually used to diagnose if there is a fault between the circuit breaker and the outlet or appliance, a mismatch in the wiring of a …