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How To – Kitchen Under Cabinet Countertop Lighting

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    When you are preparing food in your kitchen ambient light from ceiling fixtures is often obscured by upper cabinets. In this case you can find yourself cutting vegetables or doing other tasks in a shadow which can often be frustrating or dangerous.

    Adding under cabinet lighting is a relatively easy process if you have access to electric but even if you don’t there are some lights that run off of battery voltage.

    Most kitchens will have …

    How To – Home & Business Security Camera Systems

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      There are a number of reasons to install a home security camera system and probably the biggest reason is to actually catch whoever is causing you problems.

      While standard security systems are important they will only deter and report problems. Many will call you, the police or fire department as necessary but what if you want to see what is happening live or have it recorded for later.

      Actually theft is not the only reason to …

      How To – An Honest Look At Solar Elelctric And Hotwater Systems For Average Home Owners

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        There is news today that General Electric will be closing down their solar PV Electric Plant in the State of Delaware and it seems like a good time to go over how Solar Technologies can be put to use in our homes.

        This is not in hopes of saving the company because they have been mismanaged to the point of failure and we will cover that in this howto but it is to explain how …

        How To – Understanding Light Bulb Color Hues Vs Natural Light

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          The color of Natural Sunlight is always best for your health not only does it provide a spectrum of light where it is easier to read and see things it can also effect your psychological wellness.

          We have all come across this before after spending many hours at work or school in rooms that seem to be well lit you get outside on a bright sunny day and it feels refreshing. Your eyes begin to …

          How To – Surge Protectors For Home Electronics

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            Home Electronics  cost a lot and it is important to protect your investments with proper care and planning. The fact is most homes will have a number of power surges throughout the day due to switching of internal equipment used by the electric company to feed power to our communities. And most of the time they go unnoticed but if you have a UPS device plugged in you are likely to hear it trip …

            How To – Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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              As the Holiday season approaches quickly most of us will want to decorate our homes with outdoor lighting. This HowTo will cover some of your options and some safety tips that will keep your holiday happy.

              First and most important is that you always look for an outdoor UL rating on any outside light that you install. This is true for holiday lights or basic landscape lights. Testing by …

              How To – Choosing A DC Power Inverter

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                Power inverters can be used in many different applications to convert DC power to AC Current.

                Smaller models up to 200 watts are often used in car cigarette lighters to give quick access for charging Cell Phones or running other small electronics.

                Medium Sized inverters from 200 to 1000 watts maybe used for camping, on boats or in remote locations where a DC power source is available but AC is not.

                Larger …

                How To – Indoor And Outdoor Electrical Timers

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                  There are a variety of reasons to use electrical timers around your home. Many timers are very easy to use and can control indoor appliances such as lighting or a water heater to save money. Outside you can use timers to control your sprinklers and other devices for convenience.

                  Indoor timers come in two basic types they are either hard wired to your homes electrical wires for use on larger items like a water heater …

                  How To – Wind Power Using It At Your Home

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                    There has been a lot of talk about how wind power can replace other forms of electricity generation but most of the development is for large scale wind farms. We thought we would take a look at what a home owner can do to harvest their own wind power to reduce their electric bills and help take some of the load away from Nuclear and Coal Electric power …

                    How To – Choosing The Right Bathroom Fan

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                      There are a number of different choices when you want to replace or install a new bathroom fan. How easy the job will be depends on the availability of electric to the area and how you will vent the fan to the outside.

                      For single story homes or for bathrooms on the top level of the house  installing a fan means you will need to get into the attic …